Acoustic-Structural Influences in Brazilian Education

Authors: André Vieira Sonoda, Ana Paula Furtado Soares Pontes

It presents partial results of a research project about acoustic-structural influences on Brazilian education based in the analysis of Campus I of the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB) in 2016 beyond literature related to the theme in other Brazilian states. It pretends to call attention to the fact that diverse inappropriate acoustic-structural aspect of classrooms and academic environments can generate damage to the educational process and health. The methodology is based on bibliographic analyses and acoustic evaluate of academic environments. The results suggest pedagogical losses in the sense of insufficient school development, possibilities of health problems besides irreparable hearing loss, aspects incompatibles with cognitive activities, improvement of the quality of life and educational development. It is concluded that the architectural and acoustic-structural aspects of projects related to classrooms and school structures need alterations that permit better quality of life for professionals and students, appropriated conditions for the educational process and improvement of academic performance.


Journal: Creative Education
DOI: ce.2018.916212(PDF)
Paper Id: 89258 (metadata)

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