Business Representation in the Brazilian Labor Justice from the Corporate Forms Concepts Perspective

Author: Danilo Scramin Alves

This article aims to analyze the forms of representation of the legal entity in Brazilian labor lawsuits, especially in the case of legal representation and the hearing representative, considering the concepts of corporate forms. Based on this discussion, a study was elaborated focused on the presentation of dialogues between indoctrinators, legislation and jurisprudence about the representation of the company in the Brazilian Labor Court, followed by an analysis of these representations from the different meanings of company. The objective of the research is to promote an analysis on how the perception of corporate forms has influenced business representation in the Brazilian Labor Justice. In the end, despite the necessity of further research, it was found that, although both forms of perception are identified in the current system, the Brazilian labor legislature seemed to recognize corporations as real entities for purposes of representation.


Journal: Beijing Law Review
DOI: 10.4236/blr.2021.121003(PDF)
Paper Id: 107232


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