Effects of Graphics and Computer Aided Design Software on the Production of Embroidered Clothing in South Western Nigeria

Authors: Bolajoko Esther Adiji, Tope Isarael Ibiwoye

Computer graphics has played significant role in design concept of most fields of Visual Art. Embroidered design on paper and other forms of textile materials are not exempted. Embroidery art has a long standing history of embellishment on textile material, many of which are first drawn on paper and later transferred unto the textile material or sometimes drawn directly on the textile material before commencing the embroidery usually done manually with thread and needle. Just like many fields and discipline, the advent of computer technology also has its influence on the practice of embroidery. This paper therefore assesses the effect of computer graphics on the production of embroidered clothing in selected cities of south western Nigeria. A concise survey was carried out in the study area to assess the impact of computer graphics on embroidered clothing.


Journal: Art and Design Review
DOI: 10.4236/adr.2017.54019 (PDF)
Paper Id: 80449 (metadata)

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