Conceptions on the Protagonism of Women Fishing

Authors: Rosiane Rocha Oliveira Santos, Josenilton Nunes Vieira,
Deise Cristiane do Nascimento, Cláudia Maria Lourenço da Silva, Vânia Cristina Lasalvia, Antônio de Santana Padilha Neto

Despite the positive rates of inclusion of women in the labor market in recent decades, there is still much to be done by the social and cultural equality of labor between the sexes. Regarding that the various professional activities still prevail sexual divisions of labor and performance of Angari of Artisanal Fisheries in Juazeiro/BA, these relationships are not very different. This work is the result of a survey conducted with women living in Angari community in Juazeiro/BA in order to assess the activities carried out by women in fishing activities as well as meet the traditional knowledge of that fishing-related community and which ones are passed on to younger people by these women. Throughout the paper, we describe what are the activities carried out by women and their culturally constructed social invisibility, women of the difficulties to maintain the support of their families and the challenges for the transmission of traditional knowledge to the younger people. The work also brings real proposals in order to disseminate the emerging need for public infrastructure policy, health and legalization of the activities developed by the fisherwomen of Angari.


Journal: Advances in Applied Sociology
DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2019.97020(PDF)
Paper Id: 93562


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