Mountains and Stones in Prehistory of Humanity (Explanation of Wide Spread of Great Goddess Heart-Like Images Worldwide since the Stone Age)

Author(s): Elena A. Mironova


Statue of Buddah Maitreiya in Leshan (China).
Statue of Buddah Maitreiya in Leshan (China).

This report is aimed to demonstrate unification of heart-like images of an anthropomorphic face (presumably, the reflection of Great Goddess), noticed by us, on the ancient petroglyphs, stones and mountains as well as on the artifacts of the Stone Age and later times across Eurasia, Africa, Oceania and America. This image/face of Great Goddess has stable and recognizable characteristic features, namely, a triangular cut in the center of a forehead and a triangular low part. This combination has been steadily repeated throughout the time and across different continents, thus proving the hypothesis about migration of the representatives of a uniqueand powerful ethnos which had an influencing religious cult and who spread the canonical representation of their main divinity on the material artifacts everywhere on their ways. In this article we present not only the early sources of that kind of image—on the mountains, megaliths and stones but also, put forward a statement about the possible initial place where from this image was spread.


Journal: Advances in Anthropology

DOI: 10.4236/aa.2014.44026 (PDF)
Paper Id: 51978 (metadata)

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