How Immigration Law Impacts the Household Life of F-2 Wives in the USA

Author(s): Samit Dipon Bordoloi

This paper utilizes a feminist framework to examine the impact of immigration policies on the family and household life of wives of international students. The research process included interviews with thirty-two wives who came to the US on a F-2 visa, along with analysis of immigration policies. Immigration regulations, which prohibit wives from accessing full-time education and employment opportunities, reinforce traditional gender identities within the family. Migration is associated with a loss of power and unequal status within the marital relationship. F-2 wives report a significant increase in their burden of unpaid reproductive labor. The findings of this study contribute to the growing body of literature on how the migration of families to the United States is shaped by gendered institutions.


Journal: Open Journal of Social Sciences
DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.410009 (PDF)
Paper Id: 71496 (metadata)

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Trends of Abundance of Salton Sea Fish: A Reversible Collapse or a Permanent Condition?

Author(s): Ralf Riedel

The Salton Sea is a closed-basin, 980 km2 salt lake in the Sonoran Desert of southern California. Three marine species, bairdiella (Bairdiella icistia), orangemouth corvina (Cynoscion xanthulus), and sargo (Anisotremus davidsoni), established from introductions of over 34 species beginning in 1929. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, a hybrid tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus × O. urolepis hornorum) invaded the Salton Sea and became dominant by number and weight. Recent surveys show a precipitous decline of all four species above starting sometime between 2001 and 2002. Declines were more evident in nearshore than in estuarine habitats. Corvina has probably declined the soonest, followed by Gulf croaker. Tilapia declines were followed by more recent increases in population numbers. The tilapia rebound observed are probably only sustainable if a curb in Salton Sea salinity levels is realized. The marine species will likely need restocking to reach historic levels, if the salinity of the lake is managed at 40 g•L–1 or below. Restoration alternatives for the Salton Sea must take into consideration estuarine areas as essential fish habitats and fish refuge against high salinities.


Journal: Natural Resources
DOI: 10.4236/aar.2014.31002 (PDF)
Paper Id: 71495 (metadata)

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What Physical World Do We Live in?

Author(s): Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov

It is shown that the hypothesis of Monoverse relevant to the existing version of the special relativity theory is incorrect. Incorrect is also the existing version of the special relativity theory itself. Its revised version, the relativistic formula of which allows to propose the hypothesis of hidden Multiverse is presented. The hypothesis of hidden Multiverse is based on a proof by the author general scientific principle of physical reality of imaginary numbers. It is shown that this hypothesis, unlike many other hypotheses of Multiverse and the hypothesis of Monoverse, is already verifiable. And the experimental proof of the reality of the hidden Multiverse existence is a phenomenon of dark matter and dark energy. Other possible experimental proof of that is proposed as well. As a result, the data processing is obtained by WMAP and Planck spacecrafts, and the structure of hidden Multiverse is determined, which has proved to be a quaternion, and its parameters are defined. Continue reading

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Comparing the Latent Structure of the Children’s Category Test-Level 1 among Young Children and Older Adults: A Preliminary Study

Author(s): Georgia Papantoniou, Despina Moraitou, Magda Dinou, Effie Katsadima, Eugenia Savvidou, Evangelia Foutsitzi

The aim of this paper was the comparison of the higher order nonverbal abilities, between young children and older adults. In specific, 42 kindergarten and 56 elementary school students (age range: 5 – 8 years), as well as 118 new-old adults and 27 old-old adults (age range: 61 – 88 years), were examined in the Children’s Category Test-Level 1 (CCT-1). Findings from the Confirmatory Factor Analyses that were applied to data, possibly reflect the delay of development of general abstraction and working memory in the group of kindergarten students and the decline of them in the group of old-old adults.


Journal: Psychology
DOI: 10.4236/psych.2016.711137 (PDF)
Paper Id: 71433 (metadata)

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eciphering the Risk Factors of Autism: Are We There Yet?

Author(s): Rasheeba Nizam, Suad Al Fadhli

Background: Autism represents a group of developmental disorder that pose a major challenge to world-wide societies and healthcare providers with limited diagnostics and medical cure. It is widely been considered as a mental disorder characterized by speech deficit and repetitive behavior. The presumed etiology of autism involves genetic, immunologic, intestinal and synaptic irregularities, aside from environmental toxicities. Yet, the prospective factor that triggers or predominates autism remains barely understood. Objective: Herein we aim to review the literature to identify the risk factors associated with the development of autism and the need to investigate the underlying pathological events. Continue reading

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Impact of Personality Traits on Compulsive Buying Behavior: Mediating Role of Impulsive Buying

Author(s): Kiran Shehzadi, Muhammad Ahmad-ur-Rehman, Anam Mehmood Cheema, Alishba Ahkam

The prime purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between personality traits and compulsive buying behavior with mediating role of impulsive buying. By using quantitative research approach, convenience sampling method is selected. Data are collected by using previously established scales. Correlation coefficient and multiple regressions are applied to analyze directions and strength of relationship between variables. According to results agreeableness, neuroticism and openness to experience are three personality traits that are related with compulsive buying with mediating role of impulsive buying. The present study is useful for policy makers, consumers and for society at large. In addition, this investigation provides a starting point for future research with comprehensive theoretical framework.


Journal: Journal of Service Science and Management
DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2016.95046 (PDF)
Paper Id: 71267 (metadata)

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The Influence of the Psychological Distance between Family Members on Personality Formation

Author(s): Fumihiro Omasu, Yuuki Ogawa, Yuka Sugiura, Mami Hamamoto

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between the family relationships recognized by children and mental health after becoming adults, with emphasis on the forms of recognition from the viewpoint of children. It consisted of an anonymous questionnaire survey using a multiple-choice and fill-in-the-answer format among 451 university students as the subjects. The questionnaire included an investigation into the gender, family relationship from the higher grades of elementary school to secondary school, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and the tendency towards depression and anxiety of the subjects. Continue reading

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Toyota’s Slow Response to Manufacturing Defects Leading to Recalls: Result of Poor Communication Strategy

Author(s): Oyinkepreye L. Bebeteidoh, Stephen A. Takim

The recall of vehicles in the automobile industry is not limited to any particular company. Recalls most often have been attributed to defective parts supplied by tier one and tier two suppliers. Toyota, a world leader in the manufacture of automobiles, built on world class corporate brand and Principles known as the Toyota Way, and located in about 53 countries in the world, with most of its production taking place in the North America and Japan. Its Communication strategy leading to recalls has brought it into conflict with its customers and regulatory agencies. Toyota’s seeming departure from its core principles in the Toyota Way has also brought it into conflict with suppliers and affected its production. Answers will be sought for the following research questions: 1) Why with its Toyota Way, Communication became a challenge for Toyota? 2) What is the role of the Media, in Toyota’s issues of recall? A detailed literature survey was conducted for Toyota’s communication strategy. A dialectic inquiry was used to analyse the acquired data, from interviews conducted.


Journal: Journal of Transportation Technologies
DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2016.65034 (PDF)
Paper Id: 71239 (metadata)

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The Relation of Sleep, Distress, and Coping Strategies—What Male and Female Students Can Learn from Each Other?

Author(s): Jasmin Faber, Angelika A. Schlarb

Sleep quality, distress, and coping strategies differ between male and female students. However, effects of gender on their relation have not been evaluated. Therefore, the primary aim of this study was to confirm gender differences on sleep quality, chronic distress, and various coping strategies, as well as to examine gender differences in their relation to each other. A cross-sectional online study including several sleep-related self-report measures was completed by 6379 German students. After excluding all cases with missing data on the variables gender, psychiatric disorder, and medication, the final sample consisted of 5889 students with a mean age of 23.10 years (SD = 2.67) for men and 22.64 years (SD = 2.56) for women. Data from the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, the Trier Inventory for Chronic Stress, and the Proactive Coping Inventory were analyzed. Continue reading

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“With This Disease, You Take Whatever Chances There Are”—A Study on Socio-Cultural and Psychological Aspects of Experiments Regarding Huntington’s Disease

Author(s): Susanne Lundin, Eva Torkelson, Marsanna Petersen

Although relatively rare, Huntington’s disease (HD) has fatal consequences. There is no cure for the disease, which leads to an early death. Worldwide, scientists are trying to develop therapeutic methods that could cure the disease, including new molecular gene therapeutic methods. At Lund University, research on HD is now about to step from animal models to trials with humans. The project is special in its design since it involves both medical studies and socio-cultural and psychological research to explore and meet the many challenges that experimental trials with HD patients give rise to. The aim of the present study was to investigate the viewpoints of individuals affected by HD on the issues of participation and exerting influence if taking part in a medical study on gene therapy that has not previously been tested on humans. A total of 16 participants, recruited through the national association for HD and through the neurological clinic at Lund University in Sweden, took part in a focus group or in a survey study. A thematic analysis, to explore the transcribed text from the focus groups as well as from the written mail responses, was conducted by means of Nvivo, a program for qualitative data analysis. Continue reading

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