Table of Contents to all SCIRP Information (TOC)

SCIRP General Pages

Identical SCIRP Journal Pages

These are pages with only minor differences among journals. Example taken from AAST.

Differing SCIRP Journal Pages

These are pages with major differences among journals. Link to the journal in question to view the relavent pages. (Go to the journal and select the menu item or the button).

  • Articles
  • Archive
  • Indexing
  • Aims & Scope
  • Editorial Board
  • Open Special Issues (special issue accepting manuscripts)
  • Published Special Issues
  • Most popular papers in “Journal”
  • “Journal” News (can also include journal general information)

SCIRP Blog Pages

Blog pages give further information about the publisher and detail publishing procedures. The blog is easier to handle than the more static fundamental pages on SCIRP’s web site. In addition, work sharing is easier to organize on the blog.

SCIRP’s General Articles

Junp here directly:

Articles here are from Category: SCIRP => General:

SCIRP’s Articles against External Accusation

Junp here directly:

Articles here are from Category: SCIRP => Response

Warning: Wikipedia

General Articles

Articles Responding to One or More Publications

The month and year given above show the time when the accusation was published. The author of the accusation is given in brakets.

Summary: SCIRP does not say all accusations would be unfounded, however, after a careful and precise analysis often not much is left over from the original accusations.

Look into the future: The more success and the bigger SCIRP gets, the more articles will probably be launched against it. We can not influence the number of accusations per year. We can only hope our operation is sufficiently robust so that we do not give those writers good reasons and arguments for their writings. One reason for accusations will always be an article that is supposed to be wrong, “junk science”, or similar. This sort of criticism has of course also hit our competitors. Read here what has been written by another publisher about controversial articles.

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