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Inspired by BBC.

COPE started a Forum Discussion about Electronic Responses to Blogs and Journal Articles with first directions.

Summing up: All commenters are essentially guests in our home. Please behave as you would if you were actually sitting down with us in our meeting room, sharing a cup of coffee and discussing the issues.

Inspired by Newsrealblog.

6 Responses to Write My Blog

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  2. Michael Anthony says:

    Thanks for the comments. Until we see science as a logical extension of our minds we will not understand the universe. Is it not amazing that our minds can model the universe?

  3. Michael Anthony says:

    A new way of thinking has arrived in Science with the Principles of Causal Conspiracy. Two books explain how the universe can be understood as a quantum event deposited as a logical outcome of two possible states (Matter and Antimatter). Can we understand God from this new theory? The theory explains every known scientific observation from Black holes to the resolution of the singularities of black holes. The theory explains the missing mass, the accelerated expansion of the universe and other observed anomalies in the universe. It gives a new model for Quantum theory as a mirror of Relativity theory. It unifies Quantum theory and Relativity theory as two aspects of Maximization and Minimization Mobius transformations of the same symmetry. It explains the Uncertainty principle and gives us a new insight as to how all fundamental particles can be modeled as “logical impurities” of the vacuum. It models fundamental particles as incomplete logical structures resulting in illogical quarks and quantum properties. Since our minds perceive reality, the mind models the universe as a logical infinite space monopole obtained each minimized time-moment dipole. Just as the mind can lift a monopole YES answer from a dipolar YES-NO information illogical quantum entangled state, so too does matter and antimatter result as a monopole result from the lifting of Matter from a dipolar MATTER-ANTIMATTER quantum entangled state.
    One can image that a dipole entangled YES-NO answer is Mobius transformed to a monopole result of YES or NO that is logically consistent in space and time ordering. This involves sending one monopole to infinity to leave an observable logical charge such as YES that is propagated information in a logical universe. So the expansion of a propagated Monopole Matter universe looks just like a Mobius transformed MATTER-ANTIMAATER entangled dipole to a Monopole MATTER state with the boundary expanding to infinity.
    Read and enjoy this new way of thinking and you will see many new opportunities to expand scientific theory into new disciplines such as the Mind, Miracles, the Big Bang etc.

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