Why Does Newton’s Apple Fall Vertically to the Ground: The Gravitation Code

Author(s): Jean-Paul Auffray

No, Isaac Newton did not “explain” gravitation. What he did, and this certainly constituted all and by itself a great achievement, was to recognize (to “assert”) the universal character of gravitation: all material objects (bodies) attract each other by gravitation. But how does gravitation perform its deeds? This remained a mystery to Newton. In a “desperate move” at the end of his life, he introduced the concept of “Particles which are moved by certain active Principles [our emphasis]—such as is that of Gravity” he said. We resurrect this scheme, we provide it with a quantum structure—a stunning new insight into the workings of gravitation obtains.


Journal: Journal of Modern Physics
DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.713153 (PDF)
Paper Id: 70816 (metadata)

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