What Physical World Do We Live in?

Author(s): Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov

It is shown that the hypothesis of Monoverse relevant to the existing version of the special relativity theory is incorrect. Incorrect is also the existing version of the special relativity theory itself. Its revised version, the relativistic formula of which allows to propose the hypothesis of hidden Multiverse is presented. The hypothesis of hidden Multiverse is based on a proof by the author general scientific principle of physical reality of imaginary numbers. It is shown that this hypothesis, unlike many other hypotheses of Multiverse and the hypothesis of Monoverse, is already verifiable. And the experimental proof of the reality of the hidden Multiverse existence is a phenomenon of dark matter and dark energy. Other possible experimental proof of that is proposed as well. As a result, the data processing is obtained by WMAP and Planck spacecrafts, and the structure of hidden Multiverse is determined, which has proved to be a quaternion, and its parameters are defined. According to these calculations, the hidden Multiverse contains from twenty to twenty-two parallel universes, five-six neighboring universes of which constitute dark matter, and the rest parallel universes constitute dark energy. Moreover, it is shown that our hidden Multiverse neighbors with other hidden Multiverses, inaccessible to our observations not only by electromagnetic but also by gravitational manifestations, which together form a Supermultiverse.


Journal: Journal of Modern Physics
DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.714170 (PDF)
Paper Id: 71452 (metadata)

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