The Theory of Everything as the Reversibility Theory

Author(s): Ding-Yu Chung

In the posited reversibility theory, 1) all physical laws and phenomena are permanently reversible, 2) all physical laws are derived from the reversible M-theory (extension of string theory) in the reversible multiverse, and 3) temporary irreversible entropy increase is allowed through reversibility breaking, symmetry breaking, and low entropy beginning. Dealing with all physical laws and phenomena, the reversibility theory is the theory of everything, including thermodynamic, cosmology, the composition (baryonic matter, dark matter, and dark energy) in the universe, the periodic table of all elementary particles, the galaxy evolution, superconductivity, and black hole. In the reversible M-theory, space-time dimension number oscillates between 11D (space-time dimension) and 10D and between 10D and 4D. The reversible M-theory includes 11D membrane, 10D string, and variable D particle. Space-time dimension number between 10 and 4 decreases with decreasing speed of light, decreasing vacuum energy, and increasing rest mass. In our dual universe of positive-negative energy universe, the reversible oscillation between 10D with and 4D in the negative energy universe without kinetic energy is the reversible cyclic fractionalization-condensation for the reversible cyclic expansion-contraction of the universe. Without kinetic energy, the individual particles have no individual momenta for entropy increase. The negative energy universe is the locally reversible universe for dark energy. In the positive energy universe where we live, the absorption of the interuniversal void forced the direct transformation from 10D to 4D as the inflation followed by the Big Bang, and created kinetic energy that provided individual momenta for individual particles to produce irreversible entropy increase, resulting in the reversibility breaking of the reversible oscillation. The positive energy universe is the locally irreversible universe. The dual universe as a whole is reversible guided by the reversible negative energy universe. As a result, the irreversible positive energy universe with the irreversible entropy increase is temporary, and will disappear.


Journal: Journal of Modern Physics

DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2015.613186 (PDF)
Paper Id: 60530 (metadata)

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