Gravitational Description and Graphics of a Wormhole Structure—A Galactic Megamaximon

Authors: Yu. A. Khlestkov, N. Yu. Lukashina, M. Yu. Lukashin, P. Yu. Lukashin,
N. S. Trushkin

Using the new exact solution of Einstein and Maxwell equations in the general relativity theory, they studied the internal structure of a geometric object with a nontrivial topology, the wormhole. They showed that the galactic black hole recently discovered by astronomers and astrophysicists as the part of the Event Horizon Telescope project with the radius about 1016 cm and the mass of about 1043 g can be a wormhole almost neutralized in charge with parameters close to critical—megamaximon, the radius of its neck curvature is equal to the so-called critical radius coinciding with half of the gravitational radius.


Journal: Journal of Modern Physics
DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2019.1011086(PDF)
Paper Id: 95518 (metadata)

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