A Comprehensive Evaluation of Eye Surgery Performance by Sigma Quality Level for Eye Care Hospitals in Turkey

Author(s): İbrahim Şahbaz, Mehmet Tolga Taner, Gamze Kağan, Engin Erbaş

Sigma Quality Levels are statistical indices that can play an important role in establishment of more reliable and robust surgical processes. This article aims to highlight the value of interpreting sigma levels as a modern means of both the efficiency and success rate of nine different type of eye surgery processes involved. Data were compiled from a comprehensive study of multiple sources—all based on medical practices—carried out in a range of eye care hospitals throughout Turkey. It is found that the eye surgery processes in Turkey operates at an average of 3.4816 sigma level. This corresponds to a DPMO of 23,725 and a yield of approximately 97.63% in 7292 surgeries. Thus, Turkish eye care hospitals have to make significant changes to drive to a 6σ level performance.


Journal: American Journal of Operations Research
DOI: 10.4236/ajor.2015.55028 (PDF)
Paper Id: 58901 (metadata)

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