Rain Attenuation in the Microwave-to-Terahertz Waveband

Author(s): Seishiro Ishii, Masahiro Kinugawa, Shunichiro Wakiyama, Shuji Sayama, Toshihisa Kamei

In recent years, there has been increased interest in the terahertz waveband for application to ultra-high-speed wireless communications and remote sensing systems. However, atmospheric propagation at these wavelengths has a significant effect on the operational stability of systems using the terahertz waveband, so elucidating the effects of rain on propagation is a topic of high interest. We demonstrate various methods for calculating attenuation due to rain and evaluate these methods through comparison with calculated and experimental values. We find that Continue reading

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Signature of Gravitational Waves in Stellar Spectroscopy

Author(s): Shahen Hacyan

The possible detection of gravitational waves by interferometric observations of distant light sources is studied. It is shown that a gravitational wave affects the interferometric pattern of stellar light in a particular way. Michelson and Hanbury Brown-Twiss interferometers are considered, and it is shown that the latter is the most adequate for such a detection. Continue reading

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Do BRIC Countries’ Equity Markets Co-Move in Long Run?

Author(s) : Amanjot Singh, Parneet Kaur

The present study attempts to empirically analyze the co-movement in the BRIC countries’ stock markets in the long run by employing a Johansen cointegration technique. We have divided the sample period into two parts to account for the co-movement during the recent financial crisis. The results indicate no long run co-movement among the BRIC countries as a whole during both of the sample periods. However, the pairwise and multivariate cointegration tests highlight the existence of a co-movement Continue reading

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The Origin of Yang Fangling’s “5-Dimension Education” Thoughts

Author(s): Xinxian Zhao, Yongli Tao

Yang Fangling’s education thought of “5-dimension education” is worth deeply exploring. “5-dimension education” with teaching as center accurately expresses that it is not “morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor” but “morality, intelligence, physique , aesthetics and group”, which means it is not “moral education”, “intellectual education”, “physical education”, “aesthetic education”, “labor education”, but “moral education”, “intellectual education”, “physical education ”, “aesthetic education”, “group education”. “Labor education” sets up the concept of labor Continue reading

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Alignment of Quasar Polarizations on Large Scales Explained by Warped Cosmic Strings

Author(s): Reinoud Jan Slagter

The recently discovered alignment of quasar polarizations on very large scales could possibly be explained by considering cosmic strings on a warped five dimensional spacetime. Compact objects, such as cosmic strings, could have tremendous mass in the bulk, while their warped manifestations in the brane can be consistent with general relativity in 4D. The self-gravitating cosmic string induces gravitational wavelike disturbances which could have effects felt on the brane, ie, the massive effective 4D modes (Kaluza-Klein modes) of the perturbative 5D graviton. Continue reading

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Why Geometry Radiates: Quantum Gravity as Perspective

Author(s): Rob Langley

It is reasonably expected 1) that a theory of quantum gravity will unify the extremes of scale currently described by General Relativity and quantum mechanics, and 2) that black holes are the crucible from which a theory of quantum gravity will emerge. In perspective, we already have a mechanism that links the local, macroscopic frame with the remote, apparently microscopic frame. Continue reading

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Investing in Cybersecurity: Insights from the Gordon-Loeb Model

Author(s): Lawrence A. Gordon, Martin P. Loeb, Lei Zhou

Given the importance of cybersecurity to the survival of an organization, a fundamental economics-based question that must be addressed by all organizations is: How much should be invested in cybersecurity related activities? Gordon and Loeb [1] presented a model to address this question, and that model has received a significant amount of attention in the academic and practitioner literature. The primary objective of this paper is to discuss the Gordon-Loeb Model with a focus on gaining insights for the model’s use in a practical setting. Continue reading

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Advanced Hierarchical Fuzzy Classification Model Adopting Symbiosis Based DNA-ABC Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Ting-Cheng Feng, Tzuu-Hseng S. Li

This paper offers a symbiosis based hybrid modified DNA-ABC optimization algorithm which combines modified DNA concepts and artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm to aid hierarchical fuzzy classification. According to literature, the ABC algorithm is traditionally applied to constrained and unconstrained problems, but is combined with modified DNA concepts and implemented for fuzzy classification in this present research. Moreover, from the best of our knowledge, previous Continue reading

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Non-Recursive Relations Structure-Functionality

Author(s): Maria K. Koleva

Non-recursive relations structure-functionality is an exclusive property of the recently introduced concept of boundedness. They provide a leading role of the hierarchy of the functional organization in the evolution of each and every complex system. The novel evolution strategy appears as a counterpart rather than as opponent to the survival of the fittest strategy because the Continue reading

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An Uncommon Potentially Fatal Complication in a Patient without Predisposing Factor Following Oral Bowel Preparation Commonly Used for Colonoscopy

Author(s): Iris Wai Sum Li, Ling Pong Leung, Sik Hon Tsui

We described the case report of a patient presented with no known predisposing factor, generalized malaise with vomiting, locked jaw, perioral paraesthesia, carpopedal spasm and a positive Chvostek’s sign which resulted from severe electrolyte disturbance at 5 hours after use of oral sodium phosphate solution (NaPO4) as bowel preparation for colonoscopy. On presentation, she developed hyperphosphatemia and symptomatic hypocalcaemia with serum phosphate of 1.84 mmol/L and adjusted calcium level 1.67 mmol/L respectively. Her symptoms subsided after Continue reading

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