Gravitational Description and Graphics of a Wormhole Structure—A Galactic Megamaximon

Authors: Yu. A. Khlestkov, N. Yu. Lukashina, M. Yu. Lukashin, P. Yu. Lukashin,
N. S. Trushkin

Using the new exact solution of Einstein and Maxwell equations in the general relativity theory, they studied the internal structure of a geometric object with a nontrivial topology, the wormhole. They showed that the galactic black hole recently discovered by astronomers and astrophysicists as the part of the Event Horizon Telescope project with the radius about 1016 cm and the mass of about 1043 g can be a wormhole almost neutralized in charge with parameters close to critical—megamaximon, the radius of its neck curvature is equal to the so-called critical radius coinciding with half of the gravitational radius.


Journal: Journal of Modern Physics
DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2019.1011086(PDF)
Paper Id: 95518 (metadata)

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Soil Trafficability Forecasting

Authors: Marie-France Jones, Paul Arp

This article introduces and evaluates a Soil Trafficability Model (STRAM) designed to estimate and forecast potential rutting depth on forest soils due to heavy machine traffic. This approach was developed within the wood-forwarding context of four harvest blocks in Northern and Central New Brunswick. Field measurements used for model calibration involved determining soil rut depths, volumetric moisture content, bulk density, soil resistance to cone penetration (referred to as cone index, or CI), and the dimensionless nominal soil cone index (NCI) defined by the ratio of CI over wheel foot print pressure. With STRAM, rut depth is inferred from: 1) machine dimensions pertaining to estimating foot print area and pressure; 2) pore-filled soil moisture content and related CI projections guided by year-round daily weather records using the Forest Hydrology Model (ForHyM); 3) accounting for within-block soil property variations using multiple and Random Forest regression techniques. Subsequent evaluations of projected soil moisture, CI and rut-depth values accounted for about 40 (multiple regression) and 80 (Random Forest) percent of the corresponding field measured values.


Journal: Open Journal of Forestry
DOI: 10.4236/ojf.2019.94017(PDF)
Paper Id: 95468 (metadata)

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Primer-Like Inhibitors for DNA Repair Enzymes of the AML-HL60 and WERI-1A/Y79 Malignant Cells

Authors: Sergei V. Stovbun, Kirill V. Ermakov, Alexander A. Bukhvostov,
Alexander S. Vedenkin, Dmitry A. Kuznetsov

A conventionally synthesized thio- and cyano-modified single-stranded poly(dNTP) sequences of different molecular sizes (20n – 200n) and the same lengths routine poly(dNTP) and poly(NTP) species were obtained through the good services provided by the Russian Federal Bioorganic Products Group and by the ThermoFischer, Inc., and then tested for their impact on catalytic activities of β-like DNA polymerases from chromatin of HL-60, WERI-1A and Y-79 cells as well as for the affinity patterns in DNApolβ-poly(dNTP)/ (NTP) pairs, respectively. An essential link between the lengths of ultrashort (50n – 100n) single-stranded poly(dNTP) sequences of different structures and their inhibitory effects towards the cancer-specific DNA polymerases β has been found. A possible significance of this phenomenon for both DNA repair suppression in tumors and a consequent anti-cancer activity of the DNA repair related short poly(dNTP) fragments has been for the first time emphasized with a respect to their pharmacophore revealing potential. Thus, this work presents an experimental attempt to upgrade a contemporary attitude towards the DNA derived products applied for anti-cancer agenda, particularly, for acute myeloid leukemia and retinoblastoma cell DNA repair machinery breakdown. In this study, tumor specific DNA polymerases β were found of being the targets for attack promoted with the primer-like single-stranded DNA fragments followed by consequent cytostatic phenomena. A novel concept of the DNA related anti-cancer medicines is under discussion.


Journal: Advances in Enzyme Research
DOI: 10.4236/aer.2019.73003(PDF)
Paper Id: 95404 (metadata)

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Hurricane’s Shear

Author: Kern E. Kenyon

The radial shear from an elementary theory is proposed to be operating inside a hurricane throughout a major portion of its life cycle: horizontal shear equals the Coriolis parameter. Typical values for the maximum wind speeds at sea level and storm diameters can satisfy this equation, but more detailed observations will be needed in the future for a convincing confirmation.


Journal: Natural Science
DOI: 10.4236/ns.2019.119028(PDF)
Paper Id: 95366 (metadata)

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Cognitive Machine Learning

Author: Zhongzhi Shi

Cognitive machine learning refers to the combination of machine learning and brain cognitive mechanism, specifically, combining machine learning with mind model CAM. Three research directions are proposed in this paper, that is, emergency of learning, complementary learning system and evolution of learning.


Journal: International Journal of Intelligence Science
DOI: 10.4236/ijis.2019.94007(PDF)
Paper Id: 95325 (metadata)

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A Comparative Analysis on Export Complexity and Export Technology Structure of Mechanical and Electrical Products between China, Japan and Korea

Authors: Guoe Xie, Shufen Zheng

Using the method of export complexity index, this paper calculates the export trade structure and technology content of mechanical and electrical products between China, Japan and South Korea from 2000 to 2016 based on the 6-digit code of UN COMTRADE database, and examines the differences between them in export technology complexity and export technology structure. The results show that although the export technology complexity of China’s mechanical and electrical products has been improved to some extent, it is still not high. Among the mechanical and electrical products exported by China, there are more products with low complexity and medium complexity, while Japan’s products with high complexity are obviously more than China’s, and Korea’s products with low complexity are less than China’s. Based on this, this paper puts forward some suggestions on upgrading the export technology structure of China’s mechanical and electrical products.


Journal: Modern Economy
DOI: 10.4236/me.2019.109133(PDF)
Paper Id: 95267 (metadata)

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Metal Ions Impact on Shewanella Oneidensis MR-1 Adhesion to ITO Electrode and the Enhancement of Current Output

Authors: Aisha Alshahrani, Alanah Fitch, John Al-Bazi

The goal of this study is to enhance the efficiency of bacterial extracellular electron transfer (EET) in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 by enhancing adhesion to the electrode surface. Our results clearly show a major difference in attachment and behavior of S. oneidensis MR-1 for Ca2+, Pb2+, Cd2+, and Mg2+ compared to the control. The final microbial coverage, as measured by confocal microscopy and cathodic peak charge in cyclic voltammetry (Qpc), increases with increasing metal ion concentrations. We found the cells attached to the electrode increased more with the addition of metal ion concentrations in the following order of metals: Ca22+ > Pb2+ > Cd2+ > Mg2+ compared to the control. The effect of metal ions on metabolism of the bacteria was tested by the riboflavin production and glucose consumption. Metabolic activity mirrored the same order of the activity as the electrochemical results.


Journal: American Journal of Analytical Chemistry
DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2019.109031(PDF)
Paper Id: 95207 (metadata)

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An Anti-Eavesdropping Method in Data Collection of Smart Meter

Authors: Weiwei Dong, Yong Wang, Lin Zhou, Kanghua Cao, Haiming Li

At present, DL/T 645-2007 communication protocol is used to collect data for smart meters. However, in the beginning, this protocol is not designed to be a secure protocol and only the function and reliability were taken into account. Plaintext is used in the protocol for data transmission, as a result, attackers can easily sniff the information and cause information leakage. In this paper, man-in-the-middle attack was used to verify that the smart meter data acquisition process was vulnerable when facing third-party attacks, and this can result in data eavesdropping. In order to resist such risks and prevent information being eavesdropped, a real ammeter communication experimental environment was built, it realized two-way identity authentication between data acquisition center and ammeter data center. At the same time, RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) was used to encrypt the meter data, which encrypted the collection, storage process of meter data and ensured the confidentiality and integrity of the meter data transmission. Compared with other methods, this method had obvious advantages. The analysis showed that this method can effectively prevent the data of smart meters from being eavesdropped.


Journal: Journal of Computer and Communications
DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2019.79004(PDF)
Paper Id: 95172 (metadata)

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Citizens and Air Quality: The Results of the First Survey Carried Out in the Po River Basin (Northern Italy)

Authors: Enrico Cancila, Irene Sabbadini, Marco Ottolenghi, Marco Deserti, Sara Tessitore

The air quality survey investigated the level of perception and awareness of citizens on the air quality in the 42 cities (provincial capitals) of the Po basin in the north west of Italy. This study means that perceptions could then be compared between in the Po basin and other parts of Italy and Europe. This research was carried out as part of the Life15 IPE IT 013 PREPAIR Project (Po Regions Engaged to Policies of Air), which involves 18 national and international partners, and includes all the regions of the Po Basin. The survey involved around 7331 citizens that live in the Po basin that includes 42 cities (provincial capitals) and a total of 6.5 million inhabitants. A multivariate analysis was applied to identify the main citizens’ profiles concerning the topic of air quality and the availability to implement virtuous behaviours to reduce air pollution. Four different profiles emerge from the cluster analysis: “Committed and proactive”, “Willing but …”, “Hesitant”, “Not willing”.


Journal: Open Journal of Air Pollution
DOI: 10.4236/ojap.2019.83003(PDF)
Paper Id: 95145 (metadata)

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An Equivalence for Both Coulombian and Gravitational Interactions

Author: Carmine D’Errico

The main purpose of this article is to demonstrate that electromagnetic and gravitational phenomenology are two different expressions of the same interaction that we can call “ universal interaction”. In order to reach the aim, it is therefore necessary to imagine the matter in a slightly different way, as well as equivalent, to what has been done until today by the literature everywhere accepted. Even if differently imagined, this proposed structure of matter cannot and must not escape from reflecting the measurements and phenomenologies widely experimented in laboratories all over the world. In the proposed model the proton radius; the electron mass; the Avogadro constant; the existence and the mass of neutron and the existence of neutrino are theoretically derived. The main consequence is therefore a more general rewriting of Newton’s law of universal gravitation. A definitive value for the universal gravitational constant is proposed.


Journal: Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology
DOI: 10.4236/jhepgc.2019.54060(PDF)
Paper Id: 95090 (metadata)

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