Profile of Promoters and Hindering Teachers Creativity: Own or Shared?

Author(s): Nazira Píriz Giménez

Creativity is now at days a valued quality in all its areas and most particulary in Education. However, there is still widespread ignorance of Creativity in the Formal Education’s field and a lack of scientific research about Creativity and Education, particularly in teacher training. In this article, we will present a categorization of teachers in either promoters or hindering of Creativity, based on interview’s data. The study was narrowed to the training of teachers in Biologic Sciences of the two Continue reading

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Thinking about Thinking: Can the Face Be a Window to the Mind

Author(s): Allen Tager

Mankind is on the verge of an evolutionary breakthrough that has the potential to transform the human way of life. In this manuscript I propose a new approach to education, which focuses on developing the “intuitive mind”. This proposed “Triple I” formula of education (instinct + intellect + intuition) involves a much more thorough integration of personality aspects and Continue reading

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How to Predict Earthquakes with Microsequences and Reversed Phase Repetitive Patterns

Author(s): Giulio Riga, Paolo Balocchi


A strong earthquake is always preceded by groupings of shocks whose identification and understanding constitute a sound method for improving short-term earthquake forecasts. Thanks to a graphical method, we have identified and classified some microsequences and reversed phase repetitive patterns that precede the hazardous events. The seismic microsequences include a series Continue reading

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Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Inference for the Monty Hall Problem

Author(s):Jennifer L. Wang, Tina Tran, Fisseha Abebe

We devise an approach to Bayesian statistics and their applications in the analysis of the Monty Hall problem. We combine knowledge gained through applications of the Maximum Entropy Principle and Nash equilibrium strategies to provide results concerning the use of Bayesian approaches unique to the Monty Hall problem. We use a model to describe Monty’s decision process and clarify Continue reading

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Similarity in Superstitions in Anatolian and Chinese Cultures

Author(s): Güliz Ulu

This article aims at exploring similarity between Anatolian and Chinese prevalent superstitions, the reasons behind them and contributing to literature concerning superstitions. In this comparative study, marriage, birth, and death superstitions and their impacts on people’s life have been investigated individually in Anatolian and Chinese cultures. As a result, the study concluded that Continue reading

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The War on P (Pure, Methamphetamine) in New Zealand, a Moral-Panic?

Author(s): Tony Carton

This article illuminates how the transfiguration from the sociological concept of moral-panic to moral-regulation replicates wider socioeconomic conditions. The author urges that the Alcohol and Other Drug (named so in order that alcohol can also be categorised as a drug) clinicians reflect on the structural and reproductive impact of their work. The sociological concept, “moral-panic” has socio-clinical efficacy in the (AOD) treatment field. It has much affinity as history in the field is littered with the phenomenon. The author, a long time Alcohol and Drug clinician, now lecturer in the AOD field, considers the phenomenon in New Zealand around the use what is known locally as P (pure) or methamphetamine. Continue reading

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Detecting Photoacoustic Signals of Sulfur Hexafluoride at Varying Microphone Positions

Author(s):Wittmann S. Murphy, Han Jung Park

Photoacoustic spectroscopy was used to test the photoacoustic properties of sulfur hexafluoride, an optically thick and potent greenhouse gas. While exploring the photoacoustic effect of sulfur hexafluoride, the effects of the position of the microphone within a gas cell were determined. Using a 35 cm gas cell, microphones were positioned at 17.5 cm, the middle of the gas cell, 12.5 cm, 7.5 cm, and 2.5 cm from the window of the cell. From the photoacoustic signal produced for each Continue reading

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Eroticism: Why It Still Matters

Author(s): Ferdinand Fellmann

This article is about Eroticism as a key-concept in the psychological understanding of the human mind. The meaning of the term can be defined as follows: Eroticism is the way humans experience sexuality as a self-sufficient mental activity. Sexuality underlies different social rules in varying cultural contexts and may lead to different ways of thinking, but there is no evidence that cultural Continue reading

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Did the Medical Policy Reduce the Long Hospital Stay in Japan?

Author(s):Kazumitsu Nawata, Koichi Kawabuchi

In this paper, we conducted a long term survey of the cataract surgeries. The sample period was about 7 years, from July 2005 to March 2012. We evaluated the effects of three revisions of the medical payment system that were done in 2006, 2008 and 2010. For the analysis, the Box-Cox transformation model and Hausman test using Nawata’s estimator were used for the length of stay (LOS) in hospitals, Continue reading

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Reflection and Innovation of Undergraduate Teaching in E-Commerce

Author(s): Fengna Ge

As a technical and commercial revolution, e-commerce has an impact on the development of social economy more and more profoundly, and changes men’s business model and lifestyle fundamentally. Shortages of talents on e-commerce have become a “bottleneck” restricting China’s e-commerce development. However, undergraduate teachings in e-commerce have some shortcomings. Continue reading

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