intelligent high resolution satellite/aerial imagery. A new frontier in spatial world

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Author: Nadeem Fareed

High resolution satellite images are rich source of geospatial information. Nowadays, these images contain finest spectral and spatial information of ground realities in different electromagnetic spectrum. Many image processing software’s, algorithms and techniques are available to extract such information from these images. Multi spectral as well as panchromatic (PAN) high resolution satellite images are missing, one important information, regarding ground features Continue reading

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Antibiotics/antibacterial drug use, their marketing and promotion during the post-antibiotic golden age and their role in emergence of bacterial resistance

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Author:Godfrey S. Bbosa

Why are common bacterial infections that were sensitive to antibiotics/antibacterial agents during the antibiotic golden age have developed resistance in the post-antibiotic golden age and hence causing global public health challenge?

Golden antibiotic age (1940s -1990s) is a period in which all the entire antibiotics/antibacterial agents spectra used in clinical practice were discovered and during this period almost all the Continue reading

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Investigating the Relationship between Sleep Quality and Mental Health in Chemical Veterans in Comparison with Their Spouses and a Control Group

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Author: Seyed Hamzeh Hosseini

We studied  the relationship between sleep quality and mental health of veterans in comparison with that of their spouses and a control group.

A considerable number of chemical veterans suffer from a range of physical and mental disorders which can potentially influence their sleep  Research has shown that mental health of chemical veterans is threatened by the incident and the stress caused by the individuals’ physical conditions .Despite the Continue reading

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Family, the most influential factor on happiness in high school students

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Author:Zhenzhu Wu

High school students’ happiness status is person, family, and school, the result of joint action.

In Zhenzhu Wu’s research review from school of psychology, south china normal university, Guangdong, published in health journal 2014 vol.6 by Scientific Research Publishing. She investigated the influential factors on the happiness of high school students with Continue reading

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The EPHX1 rs1051740 Polymorphism Is Associated with Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in a Korean Population

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Author(s):Hee Nam Kim, Nan Young Kim, Li Yu, Il-Kwon Lee, Min-Ho Shin, Hee Jo Baek, Hoon Kook, Hyeoung-Joon Kim

Microsomal epoxide hydrolase (EPHX1) is involved in the activation and detoxification of exogenous chemicals. Genetic polymorphisms in EPHX1 have been associated with the development of leukemia. To investigate an association between single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of EPHX1 and risk factors for childhood acute lymphoblastic Continue reading

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Three policy priorities for sustainable development: More equitable societies, greener economies, rights-based population policies

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Author:Michael Herrmann

The greatest challenge of the century is to meet the needs of current and future generations, of a large and growing world population, while at the same time ensuring the sustainability of the natural environment. The current development model places unsustainable pressures on the natural resources – forests, land, water and the atmosphere – and an increasing frequency and intensity of natural and humanitarian disasters. The paper agrees with increasing evidence that business-as-usual is not an option, but it takes issues with many of the suggested policy Continue reading

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Complementary Resuscitation Maneuver by Yongquan: its marvelous achievements through the Shao Yin level

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Author:Adrián Angel Inchauspe

The K-1 Yongquan point is – for most acupuncturists- only the first point of the Kidney meridian. However, its value lies in acting as key of a complementary resuscitation maneuver that upgraded survival rates in 70 patients up to now. For this reason, its protocol has been published in the World Journal of Critical Care Medicine as cover paper in August, 2013. Continue reading

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Population aging: Success of past policies, or next big threats to economies?

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Author: Michael Herrmann

Only two years ago, the world population will reach the 7 billion mark and by mid-century it will have growth to well over 9 billion, according to the latest projections. However, the global trend masks a large and increasing heterogeneity between countries. On the one end of the spectrum are the world’s least developed countries, which continue to have high fertility and high population growth, which is associated with a youthful age structure of their populations. Continue reading

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Feeling Depressed? You Can Think Yourself a Way Out

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Author(s):Hom Nath Chalise

Why is Depression an Important Public Health Issues for Elderly?

Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being. Depressed people can feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, hurt, or restless. Population ageing is the worldwide issue of important itself in 21st century.  Depression is a common public health issue with the increasing life expectancy worldwide and many research shows depression is associated with morbidity as well as disability among the elderly. Continue reading

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Introduction to Open Access

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The Open Access movement has grown exponentially ever since its inception just a few years ago. Its ever-expanding presence in the academic world exhibits enormous diversity. Much information on the scope of the movement is available online.

At SCIRP we have written an Introduction to Open Access, showing also how SCIRP is involved in the Open Access movement.

But really to get started with a deeper understanding of Open Access you should watch this movie:

Open Access Comic
Comic: Open Access Explained!

Click to Start the Movie! What is open access? Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen take us through the world of open access publishing and explain just what it’s all about. Take 9 minutes of your time. Turn your speakers on! Watch movie in full screen!

What do YOU think?

Let’s discuss Open Access!

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