How Does Objective Career Success Affect Subjective Career Success? The Moderating Role of Self-Awareness

Author(s): Qianni Gu, Yong Su

Studies on the relationship between objective career success and subjective career success are seldom in the career success research. In this study, we hypothesize a positive relationship between objective career success and subjective career success. Moreover, we conduct interview to find out the new indicators for measuring the subjective career success in Chinese context. Further, we come up with self-awareness as moderator. We hypothesize that people with high public self-awareness have strong relationship between objective career success and subjective career success; people with high private self-awareness have weak relationship between objective career success and subjective career success. However, the results are not entirely as expected. The public self-awareness has impact but the private self-awareness has no impact on this relationship.


Journal: Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies

DOI: 10.4236/jhrss.2016.43025 (PDF)
Paper Id: 70521 (metadata)

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Psychophysiological Effects of a Combination of Sideritis and Bacopa Extract (memoLoges®) in 32 Subjects Suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment. A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, 2-Armed Study with Parallel Design

Author(s): Wilfried Dimpfel, Andreas Biller, Samir Suliman, Gwladys N. Chiegoua Dipah

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) can be regarded as a non-demented transitional stage during the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Early recognition of this stage might increase the chance of prevention by early treatment. Within a pilot study, two plant-derived preparations and mixtures thereof were tested successfully in subjects suffering from MCI. A combination of Sideritis scardica and Bacopa monnieri extract (memoLoges®) was chosen now for a repetitive dosing during 4 weeks. Thirty-two subjects aged 50 to 80 years and suffering from MCI (having a DemTect questionnaire score between 8 and 13) were recruited for intake of 2 capsules of the preparation per day. Quantitative EEG recording during relaxation and concomitant performance of three 5 minutes lasting psychometric tests (d2-concentration test, arithmetic calculation test and memory test) was achieved at the first day and one day after the last repetitive intake. Continue reading

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Psychophysiological Effects of Zembrin®Using Quantitative EEG Source Density in Combination with Eye-Tracking in 60 Healthy Subjects. A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, 3-Armed Study with Parallel Design

Author(s): Wilfried Dimpfel1, Nigel Gericke2, Samir Suliman3, Gwladys N. Chiegoua Dipah3


The endemic South African succulent plant Sceletium tortuosum (L.) N.E. Br., family Mesembryathemaceae, is known as kanna in Nama, kougoed in Afrikaans, and sceletium in English. The plant has been used as a tea and as a masticatory for millennia by indigenous San hunter-gatherers and Nama pastoralists for endurance and well-being. It has been reported that the plant “gives strength to their limbs, and takes away pain, and makes their memory strong”. The current investigation aimed at the psychophysiological characterization of 25.0 and 50.0 mg of a special extract marketed as Zembrin® in comparison to placebo using a new methodology called “EnkephaloVision”. This combination of EEG Neurocode-Tracking and Eye-Tracking allows for concomitant analysis of time epochs of only 364 ms duration. Continue reading

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Studying the Effect of Urban Furniture on Satisfaction of Domestic Tourists in Isfahan Bus Terminals

Author(s): Zahra Nadim, Mehri Azani

Terminals and stations as one of the most important parts of transportation systems and also as the arteries of the country’s economy life undertake significant role in adjustment and regulation of the traffic pulse of cities and roads. Urban furniture is one of the components considered in urban designing and as a part of the whole city, it defines the urban identity and structure. In today’s world, the importance of designing the urban equipment and furniture is to an extent that even active architects in the field of industrial designing are invited for designing and performing the urban furniture and equipment. Urban designing is a thing beyond making some flower box in squares and determining bus and taxi stations. Evidently, what gives identity to the city or according to the saying of “Sansovini”, what has tranquility for the city’s residents and creates attraction for foreigner tourists, not only includes the mass buildings and streets traffic, but also it includes landscape, parks and furniture of the city. Standard designing of bus terminals like other urban furniture influences on urban face and it can have significant role in satisfaction of domestic tourists and increase and propagation of using of terminals. Continue reading

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The Communications and Internet Revolution in International Relations

Author(s): Elnur Hasan Mikail, Cavit Emre Aytekin

In this study, the main subject is the role of the Communications and Internet Revolution in International Relations. The principal motivation of the author to conduct this essay is the need to develop a conceptual and theoretical examination on communications and internet revolution in International Relations. That need is produced by certain technological and structural developments in human life and their effects on the classical understanding of the international relations. The revolutionary developments in communications and internet technology as significant drivers of globalization process, transformation of the communications and information technology into a core of a new world information economy have come into question as globalization proceeds and with the communications and internet revolution we need to understand why global networking has been grown as it did. The main inquiry in this study is whether the rise of global communications has consequences that fundamentally alter the practice of international relations. In order to provide a comprehensive response, the Communications and Internet revolution, the social network and increasing velocity of information must be analyzed clearly.


Journal: Open Journal of Political Science
DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2016.64031 (PDF)
Paper Id: 70435 (metadata)

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Tolerance of Sexual Diversity, Gender Equity, and Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Determining Factors of Sexual Education and Awareness in the New Millennium

Author(s): Miguel Barbosa Fontes, Rodrigo Campos Crivelaro, Alice Margini Scartezini, David Duarte Lima, Alexandre de Araújo Garcia, Rafael Tsuyoshi Fujioka

The objective of the research was to evaluate the level of sexual education and awareness of Brazilian youth regarding sexual diversity, gender equity, and sexual and reproductive rights. The study was approved by the ethics committee of the School of Medicine of University of Brasilia. The Pan American Health Association and the Department of STDs/HIV-AIDS and Viral Hepatitis of the Brazilian Ministry of Health supported this study, and Caixa Seguradora funded the research. Household interviews were conducted with 1208 youth aged 18 to 29 years old, based on a probability sample in 15 states and the Federal District. The research margin of error, standardized regionally and nationally, was 2.8%. A sexual awareness scale was generated, incorporating 15 variables for sexual diversity, gender equity, and sexual and reproductive rights. Adjusted linear regression models were created to identify socio-demographic determinants explaining the variance in the sexual awareness scale. Continue reading

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Impact of Wind Energy System Integration on the Al-Zawiya Refinery Electric Grid in Libya

Author(s): Akram Gawedar, R. Ramakumar

Libya is an oil exporting country located in the middle of the North Africa. Exporting oil is the major income resource for the economics of the country. Al-Zawea refinery is one of the oil refineries in Libya. It is the largest refinery in the region. The refinery located in the Mediterranean coast. Electricity is the main sector in the refinery to produce and export oil. This paper discusses the possibility of the penetration of the renewable energy (wind) generated electricity into the refinery power system. Although, renewable energy application in Libya was started in the middle of the seventies, it has still not found its way into industry sector. This study proposes the possible impacts of renewable (wind) energy system integration on the Al-Zawea refinery electric grid to satisfy the refinery load demand.


Journal: Journal of Power and Energy Engineering
DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2016.49002 (PDF)
Paper Id: 70366


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Study on Strengthening of RC Slabs with Different Innovative Techniques

Author(s): Tarek Ali, Sameh Yehia

This paper presents a focused study on using different methods to enhance the ultimate capacity of flexural behavior in RC slabs. Four RC specimens were casted with common compressive strength and reinforced with steel mesh. Specimens were strengthened with different methods such as usage of GFRP sheets, carbon fibers laminate strips and near surface mounted steel rebars. All specimens were subjected to two-point loading setup. Load was increased from zero to failure load. First crack was recorded and crack pattern was observed. The behavior of strengthened specimens was compared to that of the control specimen to judge the efficiency of the used techniques. Test results showed that the used techniques were effective in enhancing the behavior of the strengthened slabs by noteworthy values.

There is no doubt that the problem of cracked concrete structures has become one of the most pressing problems that must join hands in efforts to reach a solution before cracks appear in structure. Some of concrete structures that were built in the past years were inadequate to carry service loads. This insufficient load carrying capacity has resulted from poor maintenance, increasing in legal load limit, insufficient reinforcement, excessive deflections, structural damages or steel corrosion, which leads to cracks. Repair, retrofitting and rehabilitation of existing concrete structures have become a large part of the construction activity; also the money spent on retrofitting of existing structures in recent years has exceeded that spent on new structures due to using traditional techniques [1]. The restoration, strengthening and retrofitting of concrete are work of rehabilitation/treatment adjustments to the structural elements (such as foundations, columns, beams and slabs) so that beams are recorded soundness values in strengthening and retrofitting by using FRP in the worst case of loading such as cyclic loads [2].

Enhancing the cracking loads and mode of failure of slabs as flexural elements is demanding [3] [4]. Therefore, in this research, the problem was handled and studied by testing four RC slab specimens strengthened using three different techniques to judge their effectiveness in enhancing the behavior of the strengthened slabs in addition to one pilot specimen. Continue reading

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Sol-Gel γ-Al2O3 Nanoparticles Assessment of the Removal of Eosin Yellow Using: Adsorption, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Parameters

Author(s): Mohamed S. Thabet, Ahmed M. Ismaiel

The adsorption behavior of eosin yellow (EY) from aqueous solution onto γ-Al2O3 nanoparticles in batch technique was studied. γ-Al2O3 NPs was prepared and characterized by SEM, TEM, XRD and FTIR analysis. The effect of pH, dosage of adsorbent, contact time, temperature, and the initial concentration of dye was investigated. The maximum amount of dye removal found about 99.36% at pH4, the adsorption dose 1g/L, with the initial dye concentration of 100 mg/L, and the temperature of 25°C, with contact time 120 min. The adsorption behavior of the eosin yellow dye is applicable to Langmuir isotherm model, with the maximum sorption capacity of 47.78 mg/g of γ-Al2O3. Continue reading

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Evaluation of Circulating Fatty Acid Synthase as a Biomarker in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Author(s): Aida Abdeen Mahmoud, Asmaa N. Mohammad, Mohamed Abdel Wahab Ezat

Background: The liver is the corner stone in lipid metabolism, free fatty acid uptake, synthesizing, storing and exporting lipids; non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) develops if there is any interruption or derangements in lipid metabolim. Fatty acid synthase (FAS) is the major enzyme in lipogenesis, and its circulating level is a bi-omarker of metabolically demanding human diseases. Aim of the Work: To evaluate the level of circulating FAS in NAFLD patients and to correlate it to serum lipid pa-rameters. Materials and Methods: The study included forty NAFLD patients and forty age and sex-matched healthy subjects as controls. Continue reading

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