Green Liver Systems® for Water Purification: Using the Phytoremediation Potential of Aquatic Macrophytes for the Removal of Different Cyanobacterial Toxins from Water

Author(s) :Stephan Pflugmacher, Sandra Kühn, Sang-Hyup Lee, Jae-Woo Choi, Seungyun Baik, Kyu-Sang Kwon, Valeska Contardo-Jara

Difference between conventional wetland systems and the newly developed Green Liver System® using the cyanobacterial toxin microcystin-LR as an example. The production of metabolites [5] from MC-LR with unknown toxicity in conventional wetlands by bacterial biofilms is the main difference, as in the Green Liver System the metabolisation is performed within the plant cells, with no release of metabolites into the surrounding water body.
The protection and reasonable use of freshwater is one of the main goals for our future, as water is most important for all organisms on earth including humans. Due to pollution, not only with xenobiotics, but also with nutrients, the status of our water bodies has changed drastically. Excess nutrient load induces eutrophication processes and, as a result, massive cyanobacterial blooms during the summer times. As cyanobacteria are known to produce several toxic secondary metabolites, the so-called cyanotoxins
, exhibiting hepato-, neuro- and cell-toxicity, a potential risk is given, when using this water. There is an urgent need to have a water purification system, Continue reading

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Ålesund—The Art Nouveau City

Author(s):Larysa Karaliova


Stone houses in the center of the city. Photo: author.
Stone houses in the center of the city. Photo: author.

Cities and their people have their own fate, and sometimes it is tragic. Often tragic events lead to the death and oblivion of a city, and traces of them only remain in the pages of historical chronicles. Ålesund has had both a tragic and a happy fate. A conflagration in 1905 became a turning point in the history of the city. Ålesund was destroyed, and only ashes were left. This tragedy changed its outlook,
and made it world famous because Ålesund was completely rebuilt in an Art Nouveau style.

Before the Fire
In the 19th century, Ålesund was a small fishing village (there were many of these along the Norwegian coast)[1]. Ålesund was a town of fishermen, go-getters, businessmen, and workers. They produced many goods for export: fish, cod liver oil, vitamin oil, and guano, a type of fishmeal. Increases in production and export involved a large workforce. Continue reading

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Successful High-Dosage Dexamethasone Treatment of H1N1 Influenza A Pneumonia Complicated with Acute Necrotizing Encephalitis in an HIV-Infected Adult

Author(s):Kuan-Chih Chen, Chien-Hung Gow, Chia-Jui Yang, Hou-Tai Chang

Neurological manifestations in H1N1 influenza A infection are very rare, especially in adults, and its mechanism of action is still uncertain. Here, we reported the case of a 53-year-old woman with human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV) who had H1N1 influenza A pneumonia complicated with very rare acute necrotizing encephalitis, although the HIV was under control. With prompt identification and administration of high dosage of dexamethasone, her mental Continue reading

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America’s Birth Certificate: The Oldest Globular World Map: c. 1507

Author(s): Stefaan Missinne


Birth Certificate of America c. 1507.
Birth Certificate of America c. 1507.

In 2012, a woodcut print for a c. 11 centimeter globe was discovered in an ancient volume in the University Library in Munich. This pivotal 1 million US$ globular world map, which only differs marginally from 4 other extant woodcut copies, attracted worldwide media attention. This discovery ignited the search for the date and the origin of an enigma in the form of an intricate secretive small Renaissance map. The aforementioned had been acquired inserted in a French adapted and unauthorised copy of the Introduction to Cosmography dated 1507 and printed in Lyon. The son of a Dutch American immigrant from Flusching, H.C. Kalbfleisch bought it in Paris in 1881 and brought it to New York. The author offers key evidence that this secretive map is an important misinterpreted and misdated cultural historical prototype which antedates 5 later woodcut copies: Gores in Munich UB, Minnesota-Hauslab, Continue reading

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Knowledge about HIV and AIDS among Young Women

Author(s):Catherine M. Ngoma, Janetta Roos, Seter Siziya

HIV and AIDS are a major health concern among women worldwide. It is important that women especially youths are educated about HIV and AIDS because they represent a window of opportunity for reversing HIV rates if effective prevention programs can reach them before they engage in risky sexual behaviour. Women are more vulnerable to HIV infection than men and play a central role in the concept of the family, in nurturing, protecting, and caring for the family. The aim of the study was to explore HIV and AIDS knowledge among young women. Continue reading

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Relationship between Mood Change, Odor and Its Psychophysiological Responses in Humans in Terms of the Sensory Evaluation Spectrum

Author(s): Yoshiaki Sugawara, Asami Shigetho, Mai Yoneda, Tomoko Tuchiya, Hiroko Yamada, Tomomi Matumura, Miki Hirano

29163920x7h2How does the brain ultimately identify more than 10,000 odorants? How precisely can humans and their olfactory system detect and discriminate a great variety of odors and subtle differences in the molecular structures of a given aroma? In a series of studies, we have attempted to examine the relationship between mood change, odor and its psychophysiological responses, by focusing on the possible verbal (semantic) and non-verbal (skin temperature) changes in humans induced by smelling the fragrances of Continue reading

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Validity and Reliability of the Interpersonal Sensitivity/Privileged Self Scale: Solving a New Type of Depression

Author(s): Itsuki Yamakawa, Masaki Muranaka, Shinji Sakamoto

Although “modern-type” depression (MTD), having different features than melancholic-type depression, has become problematic in Japan especially since the late 1990s, there are few psychological studies of MTD. Sakamoto, Muranaka, and Yamakawa (2014) proposed a psychological framework depicting the onset of MTD, and coined a new concept of interpersonal sensitivity/ privileged self, which is assumed to be a vulnerability factor for MTD. In the present study, we examined the validity and reliability of the Interpersonal Sensitivity/Privileged Self Scale (IPS; Muranaka, Yamakawa, & Sakamoto, 2014), which has two superordinate factors, namely Interpersonal Sensitivity (IS: 16 items) and Privileged Self (PS: 9 items). Because MTD Continue reading

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Application of Commensurability in Earthquake Prediction

Author(s):Youjin Su1, Hui Hu

This article introduces application of the expanding commensurability in earthquake prediction. The results show that most of the world’s major earthquake occurred at their commensurable points of time axis. An EQ 7.0 occurred in Lushan of China on 2013-04-20 and an EQ 8.2 occurred in Iquique of northern Chile on 2014-04-01 all occurred at their commensurable points of time axis. This once again proves that the commensurability provides an important scientific basis for the Continue reading

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A Hybrid Method for Compression of Solar Radiation Data Using Neural Networks

Author(s): Bharath Chandra Mummadisetty, Astha Puri, Ershad Sharifahmadian, Shahram Latifi, Shahram Latifi


Cascade feed forward neural network (The cascade Correlation Algorithm)
Cascade feed forward neural
network (The cascade Correlation Algorithm)

The prediction of solar radiation is important for several applications in renewable energy research. There are a number of geographical variables which affect solar radiation prediction, the identification of these variables for accurate solar radiation prediction is very important. This paper presents a hybrid method for the compression of solar radiation using predictive analysis. The prediction of minute wise solar radiation is performed by using different models of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), namely Multi-layer perceptron neural network (MLPNN), Cascade feed forward back propagation (CFNN) and Elman back propagation (ELMNN). Continue reading

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What Men Want in a Woman: Personality Is More Important than Academic Record or Athleticism

Author(s): Adrian Furnham, Alastair McClelland

Two hundred and fifty eight male respondents with a mean age of 24.5 years were presented with sixteen hypothetical females which they were asked to rate for suitability as long term partners. The hypothetical females differed with respect to: academic record ability (high/average); athleticism (high/low) and two personality variables; Extraversion (introvert/extravert) and Neuroticism (stable/neurotic). Overall males preferred intelligent, athletic, extraverted, stable females as potential long term partners. Effect sizes showed that being Extravert was seen as being Continue reading

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