Literature Review for the Management of Isolated Internal Mammary Artery Injury and a Case Managed by Mini-Thoracotomy

Authors: Mohammad Miah, Mauin Uddin, Jalal Bin Saeid, Syed Al Nahian, Anwar Karim, Ahmed Ashoub

Penetrating injuries to anterior chest may result in life-threatening complications such as massive haemothorax, as a result of injury to the internal mammary artery. Isolated internal mammary injury is a very rare cause of massive haemothorax and associated with high mortality. We are presenting this 32-year-old gentleman who sustained a thoracic stab wound and had an emergency right anterior mini-thoracotomy by extending the stab wound rather than standard thoracotomy or sternotomy. This case of isolated penetrating IMA injury managed with mini-thoracotomy is the only documented case so far. We are publishing this case report with patient’s both written and informed consent and institutional approval. This potentially life-threating injury can be managed by mini-thoracotomy with enhanced recovery; however, it is case specific and needs proper judgement.


Journal: World Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery
DOI: 10.4236/wjcs.2019.98010(PDF)
Paper Id: 94514 (metadata)

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