Complementary Resuscitation Maneuver by Yongquan: its marvelous achievements through the Shao Yin level

Author:Adrián Angel Inchauspe

The K-1 Yongquan point is – for most acupuncturists- only the first point of the Kidney meridian. However, its value lies in acting as key of a complementary resuscitation maneuver that upgraded survival rates in 70 patients up to now. For this reason, its protocol has been published in the World Journal of Critical Care Medicine as cover paper in August, 2013.

Topographic location of Yongquan
Topographic location of Yongquan. Source: author.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , Yongquan could be considered as an “ignition key” of the most important circuit which provides vital energy to our body:  the Shao Yin.

The Shao Yin – formed by the joint interaction of the Heart and the Kidney meridians (in the latter rests on our Ancestral energy) – is the deepest energy level recognized by Acupuncture: what keeps alive patients under severe coma condition.

Interconnected through quoted internal channels, it behaves as an “Survival Axis”. This also is well- known in Western Medicine as hypothalamic- pituitary- adrenal axis; the same studied by Cannon back in 1927 and Seyle in 1950 to describe the “fright, fight or flight reaction”: an Stress´ state property.

In the Ling Shu Canon of Acupuncture, Yongquan is listed as the “root of Shao Yin”, also governing the “Sea of Marrow” (brain); situation that make it suitable for application in the frequent association between heart failure and stroke.

Suffice then consider the neurological involvement of Babinski´s famous “cutaneous plantar réflex” to corroborate the anatomical and physiological relationship between brain and foot.

In Dr. Adrián A. Inchauspe research, published in Pharmacology & Pharmacy, 2014, 5, 175-180 on  February 2014  by Scientific Research Publishing , it is proven that the above circuit opens an electro-physical reaction comparable to that occurring during the lightning genesis. In some way,  K-1 is a cranking switch to an alternative physiological pacemaker that enable to rescue victims of sudden death or heart failure after attempted both basic and advanced CPR protocols.

For many people, TCM seems to be a multiparametric body of rules encoded under a metaphorical empiricism. However, said interlude between Heaven and Earth forces can convoke this amazing  power to successfully restore vital signs by stimulating Yongquan –supporting life with its Ancestral energy – placed far away in our bodies, in the dark side of the sole of our feet!


Journal: Pharmacology & Pharmacy
DOI: 10.4236/pp.2014.52024(PDF)
Paper Id: 42993 (metadata)

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