Review: Can Toxic Substances Initiate Psychotic Behavior? Part I. Antimalarial Drugs

Author(s): Ilia Brondz


Blue zone is chloroquine sensitive malaria, red zone is chloroquine resistant malaria, and black zone is multi-resistant malaria.
Blue zone is chloroquine sensitive malaria, red zone is chloroquine resistant malaria, and black zone is multi-resistant malaria.

During and after every military conflict or war, there appears to be rapports about military crimes which were done by military and civil personal of conflicting sides. The basis of these offences is different; however the common to these is psychological and psychical background. The psychological background is an indoctrination of troopers that all what they are doing is right, well for country, nation or defends religion, or ideology. The life and property of enemy (opponent) are less worth than their oven. But most important in this indoctrination is the direct or indirect insurances about the absence of responsibility and promises about free for punishment for these actions. These aspects are well known and well-studied. The psychical background is less studied and more diverse; however in all cases the components of stress are present. The stress can be physical, psychical or toxic. The physical and psychical stress of engaged in military conflict personal is well studied, its action both during the war and as postwar syndrome have sufficient explanations. The action of intoxication especially by contaminants in medical forms, or toxins to induce the criminal behavior of military personal is nearly unstudied. The exceptions are alcohol, psychogenic substances as narcotics, LSD and special doping agents. This paper presented the evidences of additional toxic stress by contaminates in medical forms and intoxication by toxins of military personal engaged in different conflicts during last decades. The hypothesis about the influences of the additional toxic stress by medication with low quality pharmaceutical forms and some toxins on inducing the crimes generally and war crimes by military personal is launched in the paper. In this part the investigation will be concentrated on antimalarial drugs, especially on contaminated primaquine. Primaquine has a special position in preventing malaria infection in areas of conflict on the territories of endemic malaria. The possibility of induction of psychotic cases which lead to uncontrolled by person its-self actions and which are of criminal nature will be discussed, together with juridical responsibilities for these actions.


Journal: Open Journal of Preventive Medicine
DOI: 10.4236/ojpm.2014.47066 (PDF)
Paper Id: 48235 (metadata)

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