Transmittance Spectrum of Unbranded Sunglasses Using Spectrophotometer

Author(s): Huseyin Gursoy, Hikmet Basmak, Hamza Esen, Ferhan Esen

Background: The sunglass standards are not strictly implemented in many countries except Aus-tralia. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the optical properties of unbranded sunglasses for light transmittance. Methods: Unbranded sunglasses with no information about their specifications were included. They were allocated to two groups based on their prices; the ones > 25 US$ (Group A) and the cheaper ones (Group B). Their transmittance spectrum was measured between 190 nm and 900 nm using a double beam scanning spectrophotometer. The European standard for sunglasses was used to evaluate their compliance regarding ultraviolet radiation (UVR) transmittance and minimum requirement for wearing when driving. Results: Thirty-eight sunglasses (Group A = 20 and Group B = 18) were evaluated. Four sunglasses in each group were non-compliant. Percentage transmittance of visible light was <8% in five sunglasses of Group A and in three of Group B, so these were not appropriate to wear when driving. Totally six sunglasses of Group A and five of Group B were non-compliant and/or inappropriate to wear when driving. Conclusions: Based on our findings about their UVR protection and visible light transmittance %, eye care professionals must warn people against the use of unbranded sunglasses without any information about their specifications.

1. Introduction
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation (UVR) is defined as invisible light rays with a wavelength of less than approximately 400 nm. Three types of UVR based on their wavelengths: UV-A (315 to 400 nm), UV-B (280 to 315 nm), and UV-C ( [3]-[6].

Although many people consider sunglasses as a symbol of style and trend, they are mainly produced to protect our eyes and the skin around the eyes from the harmful effects of the UVR. In our opinion the majority of people, including many eye care professionals are not aware of these regulations and just prefer the cheaper and more fashionable sunglasses. Over the counter sunglasses without any information about their specifications are being sold all over the world. Our aim was to evaluate the optical properties of unbranded sunglasses for light transmittance.


Journal: Open Journal of Ophthalmology
DOI: 10.4236/ojoph.2015.51001 (PDF)
Paper Id: 53646


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