Sex Difference in Lactate Production by Adipocytes from Lean Humans

Author:Dora Maria Grassi-Kassisse 

The obesity is the focus of very important scientific researches due to high incidences of this disease in our society. Understanding the metabolism of adipocytes can help in comprehension of this disease. In this work Sex Difference in Lactate Production by Adipocytes from Lean Humans, we investigated the gender differences in lactate production by adipocytes isolated from lean human visceral adipose tissues. We show that adipocytes isolated from lean women produced as much lactate as glycerol, whereas adipocytes isolated from lean men produced three times more glycerol than lactate. The studies about gender metabolic differences in isolated adipocytes from lean humans could be useful for human physiology comprehension in lean and obese humans.


Journal: Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases
DOI: 10.4236/ojemd.2014.43006 (PDF)
Paper Id: 43616 (metadata)

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