Examination of Urinary Chlorpyrifos Biomarker Concentrations and Heart Rate in a Sample of US Children and Adolescents

Authors: Alex LeBeau, Desirae Sutherland, Marie Bourgeois, Jeffrey Driver, Raymond Harbison

Objective: The purpose of the investigation is to determine if a relationship exists between heart rate and urinary biomarkers of chronic, subacute chlorpyrifos pesticide exposure in youth. Methods: Using 2001-2002 NHANES data, a sample of 1233 children ages 6 – 18 was grouped based on detection status of 3,5,6-trichloropyridinol (TCPy) in urine. Radial pulse and brachial pulse were recorded as measures of heart rate by physicians. T-tests and linear regression analyses were performed to test for associations between TCPy concentrations and heart rate. Results: None of the associations between TCPy levels and heart rate outcomes were found to be significant. Nonsignificant effects in the TCPy-detected groups included a slightly reduced heart rate in girls, as well as a slightly elevated heart rate in boys when compared to the undetected controls. Neither was there any significant observable difference in heart rate due to detection status in the sample overall. Conclusions: At this time, an effect on heart rate attributable to chronic, low-level chlorpyrifos exposure in youth cannot be determined. Children and adolescents detected did not demonstrate a substantial change in pulse measures when compared to controls. It is recommended that subsequent studies examine chlorpyrifos biomarkers as they may relate to other indicators of cardiovascular health.


Journal: Occupational Diseases and Environmental Medicine
DOI: 10.4236/odem.2020.84013(PDF)
Paper Id: 103490 (metadata)

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