Universal Health Coverage: Factoring Successful Economies

Authors: Prerna Bhasin1, Rakesh Bhardwaj

Countries are seeking to diversify sources of revenue for Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and strategies vary among countries at different stages on the road to UHC. The study tends to document these trade-offs by factoring successful economies across the globe. A review of peer-reviewed literature retrieved country-wise on the basis of successful UHC economies to establish the major factor associated with development of UHC. Political will has been recognized as one of the critical factors. Overcoming barriers associated with development of an adequate and sustainable financing mechanism and selecting the right package of services are other essential determinants. Reaching vulnerable groups and efficient use of resources were other factors that contributed to UHC development in Mexico and south-east Asian countries. UHC development is at threshold where nations should learn from one another, especially from those systems which appear to be doing better, and are more prepared to innovate, test and evaluate new approaches.


Journal: Health
DOI: 10.4236/health.2018.107076 (PDF)
Paper Id: 86241 (metadata)

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