Time of Conception and Birth-Relation of “Big Killers” Patients and Longevity

Author(s):Eliyahu Stoupel, Abdonas Tamoshiunas, Richardas Radishauskas, Gailute Bernotiene, Abid Assali, Hanna Vaknin, Igal Teplitzki, Ran Kornowski, Evgeny Abramson, Eyal Fenig

In recent years some interrelationships between time of birth and longevity were published. Concomitant publications appeared demonstrating links between Space Weather and the timing of medical events; in part of both these studies it was shown that Space Weather indices are stronger connected with the time of conception as with the birth time. The aim of these study was to consider birth and conception month of patients suffering from a number of “big killer” pathologies, affecting human longevity and comparing with published data on centenarians—100 – 112 years old persons in the USA. Patients and Methods: We included monthly births distribution of our four papers including patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)—n-3765, and admitted in another tertiary medical facility for AMI—n-22,047, and, also patients suffering Rapid—n-1239 and Sudden Cardiac Death—n-327 and, also, patients with oncologic malignancies—n-44587. At all in this group 71,965 patients were included. Their birth and conception months were compared with analogical data of 1574 people of 100 – 112 years old using data of L.A. and N.S. Gavrilov for USA centenarians. Results: The birth months of the cardiovascular and oncology patients were maximal in January, March and April (above 10% at each of these months); their conception was maximal in April, June and July. The monthly distribution of conception and birth of the studied population is presented in Tables 1-3. The maximal birth months of the centenarians were November, September, and October; the maximal conception months were December, January, and February. Conclusion: People suffering Myocardial Infarction, Sudden Cardiac Death and Oncologic Malignancies are in higher numbers born in the first four months of the year and conception in April, June and July. The maximal birth months of the very old people were November, September and October and conception were December, January and February.


Journal: Health
DOI: 10.4236/health.2014.621346 (PDF)
Paper Id: 52790


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