Patient-Reported Fatigue Is Associated with Poor Energy Intake and Readmission to Hospital

Authors: Jette Lindegaard Pedersen, Preben Ulrich Pederen, Else Marie Damsgaard

Objective: To investigate patient-reported factors those promote or inhibit food intake in older people after discharge from hospital. Background: Disease-related malnutrition leads to poor appetite, decreased food intake and affects convalescence negatively. Design: Secondary analysis of two intervention groups from an RCT. Methods: 111 older adults received nutritional follow-up one, two and four weeks after discharge. Self-reported food intake was classified as adequate (AQ) or inadequate (IAQ) energy intake two weeks after discharge. Data on inhibitory and promoting factors, body weight, ADL-function, readmission and mortality were analysed and comparison made between AQ and IAQ groups. Results: More IAQ participants reported fatigue and eating all meals alone. All participants lost body weight, but more IAQ participants lost body weight. More IAQ participants were readmitted to hospital 30 days after discharge. Conclusion: “Fatigue” and “eating all meals alone” affect food intake negatively, leading to loss of body weight and readmission to hospital.


Journal: Health
DOI: 10.4236/health.2020.123021 (PDF)
Paper Id: 99053 (metadata)

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