Family, the most influential factor on happiness in high school students

Author:Zhenzhu Wu

High school students’ happiness status is person, family, and school, the result of joint action.

In Zhenzhu Wu’s research review from school of psychology, south china normal university, Guangdong, published in health journal 2014 vol.6 by Scientific Research Publishing. She investigated the influential factors on the happiness of high school students with questionnaires in Guangdong province. This result may promote studies on happiness in middle school, and may provide support for their positive psychological health care practice. The result shows that family, health, character, life, ideal, learning, friend, education, leisure are the influential factors on happiness. Among these influential factors, family is the most influential factor on high school student’s happiness, followed by health.

Therefore, for improving adolescent’ happiness, parents should be better cooperative with school, try their best to give children more pleasure of life and happiness of learning environment, and make a concerted effort to build up children’s heath, to improve children’s IQ and EQ, and to strong children’s will.

According to her analysis, several ways for improving high school student’s happiness efficiently: 1) living in a warm and harmonious family, establishing a close parent-child relationship; 2) paying more attention to family mode; 3) enhancing taking exercise, boosting physical and emotional health; 4) culturing positive character, and improving the ability to alleviate negative emotions; 5) giving guide to set up ideal and goal; 6) treating correctly the relationship between learning and life. 7) making faithful friend and keeping good company .


Journal: Health
DOI: 10.4236/health.2014.65049 (PDF)
Paper Id: 43107 (metadata)

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