Revealing the Uncertainty and Absolute Certainty Principles in the Kinetics of Objects Formation

Author: Emil Edipovich Lin

The paper presents some examples revealing the uncertainty and absolute certainty principles in kinetics of objects formation that are different in their physical nature and in space scales: sub-stances of microcosm, nanoparticles and mesostructures, astrophysical and cosmological objects. Under the proposed kinetic approach, the uncertainty principle covers a wider spectrum of processes of approaching to equilibrium and object formation, than the absolute certainty principle. It refers, in particular, to nano-range-of-problems and mesoscopics as well as to cosmology. Both principles predict formation of objects that are not well-known or, at least, well-described so far. Among these are neutron-rich super-heavy and giant nuclei, biologic and organic-silicon mesoobjects, cosmological objects with the sizes considerably exceeding the size of a light sphere.


Journal: World Journal of Mechanics
DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2018.84007 (PDF)
Paper Id: 83782 (metadata)

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