Research on Fast Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessment Method for High Temperature and High Pressure Gas Wells

Authors: Mifeng Zhao, Hailong Geng, Jingcheng Zhang, Junfeng Xie, Kelin Wang

Aiming at the problem that the existing risk assessment methods in China cannot simply and accurately assess the safety risk of gas wells, a rapid semi-quantitative risk assessment method for gas wells under high temperature and pressure is studied. Based on the rapid risk assessment method of annulus well with pressure in Chevron Company and the existing risk assessment methods, the well barrier and annulus pressure of high temperature and high pressure gas wells are fully considered. A rapid semi-quantitative risk assessment method for high temperature and high pressure gas wells is established, which takes the annulus pressure value, well service life, annulus pressure recovery after pressure relief, reservoir conditions (formation pressure, production) and well CO2 and H2S content as the key risk indexes. The method is applied in a gas field, and the risk value and risk grade of a practical well are semi-quantitatively evaluated. The overall risk situation of the well is obtained. The research results provide important technical guidance for the safe production of gas well.


Journal: World Journal of Engineering and Technology
DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2021.91008(PDF)
Paper Id: 107108 (metadata)

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