Structural Behavior of Long Span Overhead Sign Support Bridges

Author: Ishtiaque Ahmed Tuhin

Overhead sign-support bridges that allow displaying necessary information for travelers across the multiple lanes in highways often use large message sign panels: static message sign (SMS) panels or dynamic message sign (DMS) panels. Along with conventional SMS panel, the use of DMS panel is increasing in highways over time owing to their effective capability to guide the travelers in real-time. A 230-ft long span 4-chord overhead steel truss bridge attached with SMS and DMS panel has been studied through extensive finite element analysis to observe the structural integrity. The static wind load was applied in model truss for four different configurations as per 2016 AASHTO LRFD design specification. The innovative structural detailing approach for truss end support and connection detailing for toll-equipment supporting frame was proposed based on static analysis. The present study will help engineers to design overhead sign support bridges by ensuring both public safety and structural integrity.


Journal: Open Journal of Civil Engineering
DOI: 10.4236/ojce.2020.101001(PDF)
Paper Id: 97817 (metadata)

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