A Review of Building Energy Efficiency Technology

Author(s): Ronglan Zhang

In China, there’s high energy consumption in buildings with less attention to building energy efficiency. All of these facts prove that there are great potentialities in energy conservation. On account of this, this paper introduces multiple building energy-saving technologies at home and abroad, including the technologies for innovative wall materials, exterior wall external insulation, heat insulation of window, utilization of solar energy, heat storage and recovery as well as the illumination energy saving technology. On the basis of new buildings, this paper gives five suggestions on building energy efficiency. Meanwhile it raises five suggestions on energy conservation based on the existing building, for which it presents purposely the technologies and measures about energy saving transformation from four aspects.


Journal: Open Journal of Civil Engineering
DOI: 10.4236/ojce.2015.54035 (PDF)
Paper Id: 61425


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