A Review of the DCP-DN Pavement Design Method for Low Volume Sealed Roads: Development and Applications

Authors: Philip Paige-Green, Gerhardt Daniel Van Zyl

Widespread implementation of the DCP-DN design method for low volume roads has been promoted internationally over the past decade or so. The method has progressed from a simple determination of the in situ CBR investigation based on DCP-CBR correlations with respective cover requirements to a more sophisticated method using the DCP penetration data directly and omitting any need to use correlations with the CBR. This paper summarises the development of the method, and some of its advantages and compares the design structures with other recognised and widely implemented designs.


Journal: Journal of Transportation Technologies
DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2019.94025(PDF)
Paper Id: 94995 (metadata)

See also: Comments to Paper

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