Modeling the Effect of Thermal Diffusion Process from Nuclear Power Plants in Vietnam

Authors: Tran H. Thai, Doan Q. Tri

In this study, we evaluate the ecological impact of effluent cooling water from the Ninh Thuan nuclear power plant II, using a two-dimensional hydraulic model to simulate thermal diffusion from the effluent outfall. Sites selected for this study were Ninh Thuan nuclear power plant and Vinh Hai seawater in four different scenarios. This paper utilized the relationship between surface water temperature and the water temperature at a depth of -15 m to calculate the water temperature at intake and outlet at a depth of -14 m. A combination between the results of interpolated and results of model showed that effluent cooling water from Ninh Thuan plant affected the largest incidence about 2450 m in the North, 880 m in the South and 960 m in the West. It can be considered as safe distance to not to affect the coral reefs ecosystem in the North and sea turtle conservation area in the South. This study was first in this region to have an integrated approach using two-dimensional model.


Journal: Energy and Power Engineering
DOI: 10.4236/epe.2017.98027 (PDF)
Paper Id: 78154 (metadata)

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