The Analysis and Comparison of All Kinds of Buried Pipeline Model Based on Seismic Effect

Author(s): Xiaoli Li, Jing Sun, Tinghui Li

The problem of seismic response of buried pipeline aimed at the interaction of soil around the pipeline and the complicated calculation model was considered, and the various simplified finite element model was calculated, and it was analyzed. Firstly, the ADINA finite element analysis software was used . The four nodes in shell unit were used by tube. The spring unit was used by soil spring. The analysis model of buried pipeline finite element numerical based on tension and compression spring was established. Seismic wave was input. The response to the simple boundary , viscoelastic boundary earthquake were calculated and analyzed by the finite element numerical simulation. The pipeline’s earthquake ground motion response was obtained, and was compared with the real soil model, and the most suitable simplified calculation model for numerical analysis of buried pipeline was found, which was the numerical analysis model of buried pipeline pressure spring tension finite element based on the viscoelastic boundary, and the theory basis for the seismic design of pipeline was provided.


Journal: Engineering

DOI: 10.4236/eng.2016.86034 (PDF)
Paper Id: 67692 (metadata)

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