Predicting Changes in Transportation Usage and Reductions in CO2 Emissions Due to Electric Cars

Authors: Sun Young Ahn, Sang Hyup Lee

Reductions in CO2 emissions have a significant effect on the transportation sector, and there is increasing interest in developing green cars such as electric cars. To prepare for the advent of the electric car era, it will be necessary to predict the increase in electricity demand owing to the spread of electric cars and determine the policy approaches. Therefore, the analysis was performed to promote the use of electric car that helps reduce CO2 emissions. This study establishes a mode choice model using the stated preference method. To improve the predictive power of the model, some revealed preference data were also examined to consider the characteristics of the commuters and the extent of current electric car technology to determine and verify the parameters of the mode choice models. This was used to estimate changes in CO2 emissions owing to the introduction of electric cars and present effective policy approaches to reduce CO2 emissions.


Journal: Engineering
DOI: 10.4236/eng.2018.107030 (PDF)
Paper Id: 85980 (metadata)

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