Developing a Spatial Tool for Assessing Coastal Community and Identifying Infrastructure at Risk

Authors: Sultana Nasrin Baby, Colin Arrowsmith, Gang-Jun Liu, David Mitchell,
Nadhir Al-Ansari, Nahala Abbas

A recent trend of sea level shows constant rising. Sea level rise has caused a significant risk to seaside areas. This study examines the potential effect of climate change and rising sea levels on coastal regions and evaluates the susceptibility of coastal areas in Inverloch, Melbourne Australia. A model of Hypothetically Flooded Zones, based on LiDAR data was built, processed and manipulated in ArcGIS. Through applying this model, the effect of rising sea level on the infrastructures such as buildings, dwellings, roads, land use and the population was assessed. Elevation data sets of varying resolution and accuracy have been processed to show the improved quality of LiDAR data contributes to a more precise delineation of flood-prone coastal lands. After the susceptible areas to sea level rise were delineated, the worst-case scenario was calculated (based on the increase in sea level projected for 2100) and it would impacts about 0.86% of roads, 221 of different building infrastructures. This method can be used in other areas to protect the coasts due to rapid changes caused by climate change.


Journal: Engineering
DOI: 10.4236/eng.2021.131004(PDF)
Paper Id: 106505 (metadata)

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