A Qualitative Assessment of a Modified Multilevel Converter Topology M2LeC for Lightweight Low-Cost Electric Propulsion

Authors: Paul H. Riley, Obrad Dordevic, Keith Pullen, Liliana DeLilo, Massimo De Giorgio

A Cascade H Bridge (CHB) is evaluated for both electric vehicle motor traction control and off-vehicle charging against the Power ElectronicsUK Automotive Challenge for cost and mass for the year 2035. By combining the power electronics with batteries using low-voltage MOSFET transistors in a series cascade arrangement the cost and mass targets could be met 12 years earlier (in 2023 and 20 times lighter if an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is used. A 200 kW peak reference car was used to evaluate cost and mass benefits using four different topologies of power electronics. Vehicle installation is shown to be simplified as only passive cooling is required removing the need for liquid cooling systems and the arrangement is inherently safe; no high voltages are present when the vehicle is stationary. The inherently higher efficiency of CHB increases vehicle range. The converter with integrated batteries can also behave as an integrated on-board battery charger delivering additional off-vehicle benefits by removing the need for costly external chargers.


Journal: Engineering
DOI: 10.4236/eng.2020.127035

Paper Id: 101749 (metadata)

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