A Review and Economic Analysis of Different Emission Reduction Techniques for Marine Diesel Engines

Authors: Mohamad Issa, Hussein Ibrahim, Adrian Ilinca, M. Yasser Hayyani

The maritime industry is currently facing the challenges of adopting new technologies and operational practices with stricter international, national and local rules in order to reduce exhaust gas emissions from ships. The most objective of regulations introduced and presented by the Worldwide Sea Organization such as International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to lessen the commitment shipping makes to worldwide and local discharges. This paper analyzes emissions from marine engines and the process of waste exhaust gas formation and provides a summary of the emission reduction technologies to satisfy MARPOL NOx tier III and EPA tier IV rules. The results showed the possibility of achieving a valuable emission reduction percentage if future diesel engines are equipped with pre-treatment, internal-treatment and/or post-treatment techniques. Economics impact for medium and low speed for category 3 marine diesel engines is also presented.


Journal: Open Journal of Marine Science
DOI: 10.4236/ojms.2019.93012(PDF)
Paper Id: 93989 (metadata)

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