Economically Challenged Women in Disaster Risk Management: Toward a Resilient Filipino Community

Authors: Teodora Luz S. Mangahas, Rosemarie R. Casimiro, Arneil G. Gabriel

The social and cultural norms shape gender roles which sometimes deprive women of the opportunity to prepare for natural calamities. But the disastrous effect of natural disasters spares no one. It knows no gender. Most of the time, women more than men bear the worse of consequences. The study measures and describes the impact of disaster preparedness sessions on the perception of economically challenged women in Philippines. By using a mixed qualitative and quantitative research method the study found that: 1) the majority of women participants are willing to undergo training in disaster preparedness; 2) their awareness in disaster preparedness improved from “basic” to “high” level; 3) their level of action in disaster preparedness is still on the “planning stage” and; 4) the program effectively changed their attitude towards disaster preparedness and mitigation. The study provided insights on the potential of women in disaster preparedness toward a disaster resilient Filipino community.


Journal: Open Journal of Ecology
DOI: 10.4236/oje.2018.81004 (PDF)
Paper Id: 82055


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