Aquatic Ecosystem and Biodiversity: A Review

Authors: Sufia Irfan, Aishah Mohammed Motir Alatawi

Aquatic ecosystems support a substantial source of the earth’s biological diversity. They are an essential reservoir and share an enormous proportion of earth’s biological productivity. Both aquatic resources and its biodiversity are interrelated to each other and they perform a myriad of functions and are valuable and essential for the sustainability of biotic communities. Aquatic biodiversity in both freshwater and marine environments are under continuous decline because of overexploitation of species, introduced exotic plant or animal, pollution sources from cities, industries and agricultural zones, loss and changes in ecological niche. Their conservation and management in the form of bio reserve points and bioregional management and worldwide monitoring are needed for the protection of the aquatic biodiversity. This review is presenting information on biodiversity in aquatic habitats and their resources, in marine and fresh water ecosystems, their importance conservation and restoration mechanisms.


Journal: Open Journal of Ecology;
DOI: 10.4236/oje.2019.91001(PDF)
Paper Id:

90305 (metadata)

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