Citizens and Air Quality: The Results of the First Survey Carried Out in the Po River Basin (Northern Italy)

Authors: Enrico Cancila, Irene Sabbadini, Marco Ottolenghi, Marco Deserti, Sara Tessitore

The air quality survey investigated the level of perception and awareness of citizens on the air quality in the 42 cities (provincial capitals) of the Po basin in the north west of Italy. This study means that perceptions could then be compared between in the Po basin and other parts of Italy and Europe. This research was carried out as part of the Life15 IPE IT 013 PREPAIR Project (Po Regions Engaged to Policies of Air), which involves 18 national and international partners, and includes all the regions of the Po Basin. The survey involved around 7331 citizens that live in the Po basin that includes 42 cities (provincial capitals) and a total of 6.5 million inhabitants. A multivariate analysis was applied to identify the main citizens’ profiles concerning the topic of air quality and the availability to implement virtuous behaviours to reduce air pollution. Four different profiles emerge from the cluster analysis: “Committed and proactive”, “Willing but …”, “Hesitant”, “Not willing”.


Journal: Open Journal of Air Pollution
DOI: 10.4236/ojap.2019.83003(PDF)
Paper Id: 95145 (metadata)

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