Challenges Faced by the Kenya Water Sector Management in Improving Water Supply Coverage

Authors: Chemeril Chepyegon, Daisuke Kamiya

Water is an important component in national development. Despite the efforts of the Kenyan government to increase water coverage throughout the country so that economic development of the nation remains unimpeded, recent statistics show that the rate of water supply improvement is unlikely to support the nation’s long-term development goals. This paper examines literature, reports, studies and other relevant information regarding Kenya’s water sector in order to expose the underlying causes of the challenges the sector management faces. It also analyses the interrelationships between the challenges and discusses opportunities for improvement. From the study, nine root causes of the challenges that are of technical, economic and social in nature were identified. As they evolve, they conjoin into other problem scenarios characterised by: unsustainability of water supply systems, low social acceptance of interventions, low investment in the sector and water-related conflicts. It is also observed that the sector management has opportunity for improving the current situation through adoption of elaborate monitoring strategies for water services and water resources, embracing sustainable technologies and involving target beneficiaries in water supply development. Great strides can be achieved by the sector through Adaptive Management (AM).


Journal: Journal of Water Resource and Protection
DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2018.101006 (PDF)
Paper Id: 82153 (metadata)

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