Asset Life Cycle Management in Finnish Water Utilities

Authors: Riikka P. Rajala, Jarmo J. Hukka

The aim of this paper is to improve the water industry asset life cycle management framework towards more resilient water services in Finland. This paper is based on a literature study and a web-based semi-structured thematic interview, in which the Finnish water utility managers identified the current status of their utilities’ asset management. The water services professionals are extremely worried that, by and large, water and sewage networks are still deteriorating, although the networks are nowadays rehabilitated more systematically. The survey reveals that although most of the surveyed utilities have adopted several processes and sub-processes of asset management, and a few utilities are even using some asset management guides, as a whole a strategic approach to and a comprehensive framework for optimized management of physical assets are not practiced. Therefore the development and introduction of specific asset management guidelines should be considered. In order to support successful usage of the asset management framework, the basic concepts and principles of engineering asset management should be included in educational and professional development programs, in particular at the university level.


Journal: Journal of Water Resource and Protection
DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2018.106033 (PDF)
Paper Id: 85605 (metadata)

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