Spatial Analysis of Federal Protected Areas and Priority Areas for Biodiversity Conservation in Brazil

Authors: Valdir Adilson Steinke, Sandra Maria da Silva Barbosa,
Venicius Juvêncio de Miranda Mendes, Vinicius Galvão Zanatto,
Gabriella Emilly Pessoa, Gustavo Bayma

This study presents a spatial analysis of priority areas for biodiversity conservation (PABCs) in Brazil and their coverage by federal protected areas as an indicator of the level of protection afforded to biodiversity in the country and the convergence of environmental protection policies in the sphere of federal government. Georeferenced data were processed using a geographic information system, enabling the calculation of areas, analyses of superimpositions, localizations, and the obtainment of other information using spatial features manipulated in this system. A comparative analysis is done of the PABCs mapped in two periods (2003 and 2007) to ascertain the evolution of this public policy instrument in detecting environmental priorities in protected areas. The improved coverage of PABCs by protected areas in the more recent mapping indicates a good convergence of environmental policies, which are enhanced by technical improvements to mapping procedures and methods for identifying such areas. As a result, the priority areas for biodiversity conservation could become a protected area regulated and recognized by the federal government.


Journal: Journal of Geographic Information System
DOI: jgis.2018.106037(PDF)
Paper Id: 89223 (metadata)

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