Trends in Maritime Spatial Planning in Europe: An Approach to Governance Models

Authors: Daniela Casimiro, José Guerreiro

Maritime spatial planning is considered a key instrument for the success of integrated maritime policy. MSP is therefore an integrated approach to address the conflicting and competing uses of ocean resources and spaces in order to achieve the sustainable development of seas. This paper aims to access how governance models have been evolving with the implementation of MSP in Europe. The study compares institutional and legal frameworks in a North-South context, based on the case studies of Norway, Netherlands, England, Germany and Portugal and concludes that, although there are similarities in the legal frameworks developed to implement MSP, more profound differences arise on marine governance models and institutional frameworks, reflecting different political approaches and regional contexts.


Journal: Journal of Environmental Protection
DOI: 10.4236/jep.2019.1012100(PDF)
Paper Id: 97356 (metadata)

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