Reduced Life Expectancy Model Analyses of Exposure Time Effects of Endocrine Disruptors to Teleost Fishes Based on Effect Concentration of Hepatic Biomarkers

Authors: Mengtian Sun, Hualong Chen, Ling Zhao

In this current paper, the exposure time effects on four endocrine disruptors and teleost fishes were evaluated using the reduced life expectancy (RLE) model based on the effect concentration (EC50) of available literature published. The result on the regression analysis over different exposure times has demonstrated that the EC50 of hepatic biomarkers falls with increasing exposure times in a predictable manner. The slopes of the regression equations reflect the strength of the toxic effects on the various teleost fish. The EC50 reduction over time can be interpreted based on the bioconcentration process, which can be used to understand transfer routes of the compounds from water to fish body. RLE model also provides useful information in assessing the toxic effects on fish life expectancy as a result of the occurrence of compounds.


Journal: Journal of Environmental Protection
DOI: 10.4236/jep.2020.117032(PDF)
Paper Id: 101812 (metadata)

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