Lightning Enhancement in the Amazon Region due to Urban Activity

Lightning Enhancement in the Amazon Region Due to Urban Activity is in  Osmar Pinto Jr. research from Atmospheric Electricity Group, Earth System Science Center, National Institute of Space Research, S. J. Campos, Brazil,published in American Journal of Climate ChangeJournal 2013 Vol. 2 by Scientific Research Publishing .
the urban area of the city of Manaus
The time evolution of the urban area of the city of Manaus since 1973;

This article reports an enhancement in lightning activity in the city of Manaus, located in the central part of the largest tropical forest in the world, and shows strong evidence that it is related to the urban heat island effect. This is the first evidence that urban effects play a significant role even in the Amazon rainforest. The effect of the urbanization on lightning activity has a potential impact on climate changes.

The subject is of general interest since the effects of urbanization on climate has received an increasing attention in the climate change research.  Urbanization has an increasing contribution to anthropogenic climate forcing, since more than half of the world’s

map of the apparent mean surface temperature anomaly (in ˚C) in the region of the city of Manaus for the period of August and September, 2009. The contours of the Negro and Solimoes rivers and the urban area of Manaus in 2009 are also indicated.

population lives in urban regions, and this proportion is expected to go up to more than 60 percent by 2030. At the same time, the Amazon region is one of the three “lightning chimneys” of the world, so that any effect observed in this region may have a direct influence on the global lightning activity and, in consequence, on the climate system.

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Image Credits: Scientific Research Publishing American Journal of Climate Change , 2013 Vol.2

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