Energy Efficient WSN-SAT System for Surveillance of Satellites

Author(s): Hafiz Bilal Khali, Naeem Abas, Shoaib Rauf


Satellite-WSN-Satellite communication.
Satellite-WSN-Satellite communication.

Satellite communication plays a vital role in the arena of telecommunication. The main objective of this manuscript is to examine the threats and problems like space debris, space weather and space weapons that could damage or disable the satellite system. In consequence, we discuss the role of wireless sensor networks (WSN) and nodes in space based technologies. The scope of this paper is to minimize the threats and vulnerabilities to the satellite systems and based on that, design the next generation and state of the art satellite communication system. We proposed the solutions for the vulnerabilities and surveillance of satellite system by integrating the energy efficient and cost effective WSN to the satellite system.


Journal: Wireless Sensor Network
DOI: 10.4236/wsn.2015.710011 (PDF)
Paper Id: 60222 (metadata)

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