Parallel Notch and H Shape Slot Loaded Compact Antenna for X and Ku Band Applications

Authors: Nagendra P. Yadav, Guozhen Hu, Zhengpeng Yao

This paper represents parallel notch, H-shape slot loaded single layer patch antenna in X, and Ku bands for wideband applications. The design has made on low-cost material of Rogers R03003 substrate having dielectric constant of 3.0 with thickness of 1.6.0 mm. The proposed scheme and probe feeding technique provide designed antenna to operate in two different frequencies range in X and Ku band (10.60 GHz to 15.91 GHz). The antenna resonates at 11.37 GHz for X band and another three resonates at 12.13 GHz, 13.14 GHz and 14.66 GHz for Ku band with maximum gain of 9.20 dBi respectively. The simulation results have been obtained 40.01% impedance bandwidth with return loss (-10 dB) or . The proposed antenna is simple in structure compared to the regular single layer patch antennas. It is highly suitable for satellite and RADAR communications system. Designing and simulation of this antenna have been done by IE3D software version 12.0, which is based on MOM method.


Journal: Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation
DOI: 10.4236/ojapr.2019.72002(PDF)
Paper Id: 93277 (metadata)

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