Improving the Accuracy of Under-Fog Driving Assistance System

Author: Bedine Kerim

Driving in fog condition is dangerous. Fog causes poor visibility on roads leading to road traffic accident (RTA). RTA in Albaha is common because of its rough terrain, in addition to the climate that is mainly rainy and foggy. The rain season in Albaha region begins in October to February characterized by rainfall and fog. Many studies have reported the adverse effects of the rain on RTA which results in an increased rate of crashes. On the other hand, Albaha region is not supported by a proper intelligent transportation system and infrastructure. Thus, a Driver Assistance System (DAS) that requires minimum infrastructure is needed. A DAS under fog called No_Collision has been developed by a researcher in Albaha University. This paper discusses an implementation of adaptive Kalman Filter by utilizing Fuzzy logic system with the aim to improve the accuracy of position and velocity prediction of the No_Collision system. The experiment results show a promising adaptive system that reduces the error percentage of the prediction up to 56.58%.


Journal: Journal of Signal and Information Processing
DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2020.112002(PDF)
Paper Id: 101784 (metadata)

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