Smart Phone Application Evaluation with Usability Testing Approach

Author(s): Naseer Ahmad, Muhammad Waqas Boota, Abdul Hye Masoom

In this paper, we present a narrative role methodology based on different people’s opinions, which is now implemented in our research environment for the purpose of testing novel techniques, the usability testing of most common used smart phones such as Android and Apple smart phone application. This research analysis is carried out for various corresponding features to compare or evaluate different features on the basis of modern smart phones’ operating system, framework for hardware and software, battery life and many more features. Usability testing of smart phones’ software application is a promising research context that nowadays faces a number of challenges because of sole features of mobile phones, narrow bandwidth, varying environmental factors and unreliability of wireless connection or networks. A number of questionings are applied to accumulate user’s opinion about ongoing features. Users of Android and Apple smart phones reply by answering based on their routine life usage experience. In this paper, we will also elaborate and provide a new proposed model for mobile devices.


Journal: Journal of Software Engineering and Applications
DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2014.712092 (PDF)
Paper Id: 51900 (metadata)

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