How Secure Having IoT Devices in Our Homes?

Authors: Debora Estrada, Lo’ai Tawalbeh, Robert Vinaja

Nowadays, technology has evolved to be in our daily lives to assist in making our lives easier. We now have technology helping us in our lives at home. Devices used to create our “smart home” have done a great deal in making our lives at home less burdensome, but sadly, these devices have secured our personal lives to be more accessible to outsiders. In this paper, the security of home smart devices and their communication will be researched by using other academic articles to support facts found. The operation of the devices will be discussed along with security risks and future trends on security attacks. The results found will be crucial to knowing exactly how well our own home is protected. After understanding where the risks lie and a demonstration of how hackers can take control of our smart home, solutions will be given to shield ourselves from security attacks. We protect our homes from physical threats by locking doors, but it is time we guard ourselves from cyber threats as well.


Journal: Journal of Information Security
DOI: 10.4236/jis.2020.112005 (PDF)
Paper Id: 98948


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