A Decision Support System for Spatial Analysis of Agricultural Production in Madagascar

Authors: Aimé Richard Hajalalaina, Solofoson Georges Andriniaina

In this article, our research aims to set up a geo-decisional system, more precisely we are particularly interested in the spatial analysis system of agricultural production in Madagascar. For this, we used the spatial data warehouse technique based on the SOLAP spatial analysis tool. After having defined the concepts underlying these systems, we propose to address the research issues related to them from four points of view: needs study of the Malagasy Ministry of Agriculture, modeling of a multidimensional conceptual model according to the MultiDim model and the implementation of the system studied using GeoKettle, PostGIS, GeoServer, SPAGO BI and Géomondrian technologies. This new system helps improve the decision-making process for agricultural production in Madagascar.


Journal: Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing
DOI: 10.4236/jdaip.2021.91001(PDF)
Paper Id: 107175 (metadata)

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